While the cast of Outer Banks films new episodes, fans of the Netflix series are busy thinking about what could happen in season 3. Here are five of the most plausible theories for Outer Banks Season 3. 

Kiara and J.J. will get together in ‘Outer Banks’ Season 3

Outer Banks fans want more Pogue-on-Pogue macking in the form of Kiara (Madison Bailey) and J.J. (Rudy Pankow). “Ki and J.J. just need to get together already,” said one fan in a Reddit thread predicting the new season. 

This has already low-key been confirmed by showrunners. “Teen romance and teen soap are a big part of the show,” Josh Pate told  Entertainment Weekly. “We wanted to explore the Ki-Pope relationship but obviously, we’re aware of how the fans feel about J.J. and Ki. We wanted to tease that for the third season.” 

Rafe Cameron needs a redemption arc 

All Rafe (Drew Starkey) wanted in season 2 of Outer Banks was his father’s approval. That meant crossing Sarah (Madelyn Cline) any way he could. Still, fans are hopeful Rafe will turn a new leaf in future episodes of the Netflix series. 

“Rafe needs to focus on himself,” one fan commented. “He’s not done playing the ‘antagonist,’ but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve his own redemption arc.”

In season 2, Rafe hit a new low when he shot at John B. and Sarah, hitting her in the stomach in “Prayers.” Can Sarah begin the healing process by forgiving her brother? It’s a possibility — one that could start Rafe’s redemption arc in season 3 of Outer Banks

‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 will show Pope with a new love interest

Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and Kiara explore the idea of a relationship in season 2 of Outer Banks, but it’s complicated. There’s too much going on in Kiara’s relationship with her parents to commit to something with Pope fully, but that doesn’t stop them from sleeping together. 

However, Pope and Ki will likely be over by the time season 3 rolls around, what with showrunners’ plans for her and J.J. Some fans don’t think Pope will be lonely for long, though. 

“I wanna see Pope and Cleo happen,” one fan theorized. “I have a gut feeling they will.” Cleo (Carlacia Grant) joined the Pogues in season 2, so it’s possible for the two to find romance in new episodes.

The Pogues will have success in season 3

In the first two seasons of Outer Banks, the Pogues go on two unsuccessful treasure hunts. First, they’re looking for $400 million in gold from the Royal Merchant ship, and later, they’re after Pope’s birthright, the Cross of Santo Domingo. 

All many fans want to see in season 3 is a win for the Pogues. “I hope the main crew actually gets to accomplish something in season 3 and doesn’t have stuff get taken away from them,” reads another comment in the thread. 

John B.’s bandana will be the ‘mythical shroud’ Limbrey is looking for 

In Outer Banks Season 2, Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell) seeks a “mythical healing shroud” rumored to be hidden in the Cross of Santo Domingo. What ails Limbrey isn’t clear, but the shroud is vital to saving her life. 

Many fans think the shroud is John B.’s bandana, which Big John Rutledge (Charles Halford) gave to him. There are multiple examples of the bandana keeping the Pogues alive through near-impossible situations in season 2. Many fans think season 3 will reveal the bandana was the shroud all along.  

A release date for Outer Banks Season 3 is unknown at publication. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for updates on when fans will get to find out if any of these theories come true. 

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