Outer Banks: Trailer for third season

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Outer Banks is the coming-of-age action drama that sees a gang go on the hunt for hidden treasure. Season two took Netflix subscribers by surprise as it saw the Pogues end up on a desert island which left them feeling confused and scared of what to do next. Of course, they were able to adapt and made the situation work for them, quickly dubbing it Poguelandia.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Outer Banks.

Outer Banks is usually set in the imagined place of Kildare, even though the Outer Banks are a real barrier in North Carolina.

The area is home to coastal sites like the town of Kill Devil Hills and Dare County.

Despite its setting, Outer Banks’ first two series were primarily filmed around Charleston, South Carolina.

Everything then changed when it came to the third outing as the Pogues were taken away from the small town.

Some shooting still took place in South Carolina but the majority of the action was elsewhere.

Fans saw the Pogues getting adjusted to life on “Poguelandia”, which, in real life, was Barbados.

Of course, not everyone could join the main cast on the luxurious set with most of the older actors forced to stay behind.

Among these was Deputy Shoupe star Cullen Moss who is eager to see Outer Banks return to its natural environment.

Opening up to Express.co.uk, Moss explained: “I have no idea, there is no obscuration here, I don’t know.

“I’m hoping a little more involvement from my end. I’d like them to stay in their county if that’s where I’m bound to.

“There’s some hints at the end of season three, Blackbeard’s treasure, I’m sure that’s going to be at play, they wouldn’t just dangle that.

“I’d love to find a way to get involved in that.”

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Moss continued to tell Express.co.uk what he would love to see from the grumpy sheriff going forward.

“I’d love it if Shoupe gets a little more decidedly on the side of the Pogues, I think he’s got a sense of adventure”, he said.

“In the first season when he goes to the Maritime Museum, there’s some hints that he’s a little bit interested in these things with the original treasure.

“He’s lived on the Outer Banks for a good bit of his life so I think, certainly when it comes to some of the stuff, it would be fun to see Shoupe get more involved.”

Outer Banks returned for its third outing earlier this month after a two-year hiatus.

Before the premiere, the streamer made the exciting announcement that there would be more to come with a fourth series on the way.

So far, a release date hasn’t been revealed but Outer Banks is likely to make a comeback in 2024.

Outer Banks is available to watch on Netflix.

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