Penny Marshall’s Former Assistant Asking for $8 Million from Late Director's Estate

Six months after Penny Marshall’s death, her former assistant is asking for a total of $8.1 million from the late director and sitcom star’s estate.

Terry Trahan, who claims to have been Marshall’s assistant from January 17, 1994, until her 2018 death, alleges that Marshall made many promises to him that have not been fulfilled about ensuring he was “financially provided for” after her death, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. The Blast was the first to report on the news.

PEOPLE has reached out to Marshall’s publicist for comment.

According to the documents, Trahan claims that “throughout the entire time” of his employment, “Marshall required Trahan to always be available to be called upon by Marshall for whatever she needed.” Trahan, who lived in a guest home on the property, says he had to be available to the late director on a 24/7 basis and was not allowed to take time off.

Trahan also claims that Marshall could be “abusive” and “humiliating” towards him, which led him to tell her on multiple occasions that he “needed to seek out other employment.”

In the documents, Trahan alleges that “in order to induce” him to continue working for her, “Marshall repeatedly informed Trahan that when she died she was making sure he would be financially provided for the rest of his life,” and would be left “enough money to purchase a home.”

However, Trahan claims this has not been the case.

“Upon her death, Trahan learned that although he was named as a beneficiary of Marshall’s Director’s Guild pension/retirement fund, it had been depleted down to nothing at the time of her death. Trahan also learned that, in contravention of her multiple promises, she did not leave him funds that would allow him to retire and/or funds to purchase a home of the type promised,” the court documents state.

For compensation, Trahan is asking for $2,310,000, a sum which was arrived at by multiplying his annual salary by the amount of years he’s expected to continue living, as well as $3.2 million, which would be used to purchase the kind of home “that Marshall wanted to purchase for Trahan.”

Additionally, Trahan is asking for an additional $2.6 million to cover for overtime, rest and meal breaks he was not awarded at the time

Marshall, the younger sister of director and producer Garry Marshall, appeared in Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley before transitioning to behind-the-camera work and directing hits like Big and A League of Their Own.

She died at 75 in December from complication from diabetes. She had previously been diagnosed with brain and lung cancer in 2009 before going into remission by 2012.

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