Peter Andre reveals ‘ridiculous’ trolling from Covid-19 conspiracy theorists

Peter Andre has revealed he’s received ‘ridiculous’ messages from Covid-19 conspiracy theorists after himself testing positive for the virus. 

The Mysterious Girl singer revealed he had coronavirus earlier this month after feeling unwell and struggling to breathe. 

Having mostly recovered, Peter has now opened up about the abuse he was subjected to from those who wrongfully do not believe coronavirus is real. 

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain, Peter said: ‘I had somebody yesterday send me a message saying, “I can’t believe you’re being a puppet for the media trying to tell people that this virus is real”. They said, “You disgust me, we never saw your thing from the NHS saying you were positive”. 

‘Because obviously what am I going to do, just put it up on screen? It’s ridiculous.’ 

Peter’s wife Emily MacDonagh, who joined him, added: ‘I think sometimes you can’t persuade some people, if they’re so fixed thinking this is a big conspiracy… 

‘All we can do is have empathy for people.’ 

The couple revealed how they self-isolated for 10 days after Peter began experiencing symptoms before testing positive. 

While he didn’t have a fever, he’s been left without his sense of smell and felt out of breath while going for a bike ride yesterday. 

‘It’s quite unbelievable everyone has different symptoms, don’t avoid your symptoms,’ he said, adding: ‘When I had symptoms I was absolutely convinced I didn’t have the virus. 

‘I had body aches, a cough, it wasn’t as persistent enough that I thought I’d go and have a check.’ 

Sadly, one of Peter’s cousins is still in hospital with Covid-19 and on oxygen despite falling ill before the singer. 

‘When I got told he was sick, both my cousin and his son, they were both sick, both in hospital and both on oxygen and his son is younger than me, psychologically I realised how this is affecting other people [because] we’re so scared.

‘It really brought it home how serious this is.’ 

Piers also noted that the ‘psychological pressure’ of reaching the eight to 10-day stage of coronavirus and thinking if you’ll start ‘going downhill shouldn’t be underestimated’. 

Peter also revealed he’s still unable to fly over to Australia to see his parents as he’s not an Australian citizen, which he now ‘regrets’. 

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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