PETER Andre’s plans to move to America could be under threat as wife Emily is refusing to live there.

The Mysterious Girl singer is determined to build a glittering career Stateside after he nabbed Piers Morgan and Mark Wahlberg's US manager.

Claire Powell will remain his manager for the rest of the world.

The excited star revealed his plans to crack America – but his wife doesn't want to uproot the kids.

Devoted spouse Emily, who is mum to his youngest children Amelia, five, and two-year-old Theo, exclusively told The Sun Online at the opening of The Caudwell International Children's Centre: "I'm excited for Pete and I hope he's getting work out there.

"He is away on and off anyway with his job in the UK.

"Pete is very good, he always contacts us when he's away. He is never away for more than a few days at a time."

And asked if she'd move to America permanently, the 29-year-old admitted: "No, we've got school age kids."

Excited Pete also opened up about his plans to crack America and conceded that he'll need to find a pad there to make it work.

He chipped in: "We might get a base out there – but not yet! We just want to wait and see how things go."

The Aussie signed with wonder manager John Ferriter last month and is now in talks to do an American TV show – but insisted he won't steal Mark Wright's old job on Extra.

"He's done wonders for (Piers Morgan) on the shows in America. He's done jobs with Mark Wright, and all the gigs Mark's done in America. So I really am in good hands.

"We have actually talked about doing TV work so you know, it is one of the main focuses as well as film," he said of John.

He continued: "I couldn't take Mark Wright's job (on US show Extra). I like Mark. I think he's a really nice guy.

"I am actually quite envious because he's a younger better looking version of me! So I am really happy for him and what he is doing.

"He's done really well and we are all on the same team now which is great."

Pete met Emily when her dad treated him for kidney stones in 2010 and the pair later fell madly in love.

Emily worked hard to become a doctor while raising her two children at the same time – she never let go of her dream of becoming a medical professional and studied part time to now become an incredible GP.

Emily told us: "I've done all adults medicine so far. It's going really well, I am just pressing on really. I haven't specialised yet. But when I do, my passion is mental health so I am hoping to go into psychiatry.

"I have a way to go yet before I specialise but I'm cracking on."

Emily was invited to become an Ambassador alongside Pete for The Caudwell International Children's Centre, set up by Philanthropist John Caudwell.

It will focus on diagnosis of autism and early intervention, and Emily told us: "From a medical background it was amazing to see but also as a mum, to be able to see it from both perspectives.

"If I was a parent of a child who was autistic, to see that facility you would feel so supported."

John added: "I’m so pleased that Emily has accepted to be an ambassador for Caudwell Children. She is an amazing young woman, who is a doctor, mother and wife.

"Her strong family values emulate what we represent at Caudwell Children and I hope her support will bring further awareness to the charity initiatives.”

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