Phillip Schofield screams at caller as they ask This Morning host to call back ‘We can’t’

This Morning: Spin to Win contestant says to ‘call back’

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Phillip, 59, and Holly Willoughby, 40, were on hand to host the mid-week edition of show and towards the end of the programme, they decided to play a game of Spin to Win. After failing to get through to a few This Morning viewers, they finally got caller Joe on the line to see if he could guess the code word correctly. Unfortunately, as soon as he picked up, the caller asked the presenters to ring him back as he had to deal with an issue that was happening off-screen.

Answering the phone, Joe said: “Listen, can you call me back in two minutes, please? Call me back in two minutes, please?”

“No, no, no. We can’t,” Phillip screamed as both he and Holly tried to work out what was happening on the other end of the line.

“Is he joking?” Holly asked with her co-star adding: “Has he gone? What the hell was that? What are we supposed to do for two minutes.”

After waiting for Joe, the pair then called him again and he gave the code word needed to play the game.

“I’m sorry, I do apologise,” the guest said before explaining why he couldn’t speak with the presenters before.

“Why did we have to call you back?” Phillip asked, with the caller explaining: “Because I was dealing with my wife.

“She’s not very well, she’s got Motor Neurone Disease,” he declared, with the presenters finally understanding what was going on.

“Then that is the perfect excuse in the world,” Phillip said as Holly remarked: “That makes perfect sense.”

“Well, is she ok, now?” her co-star asked to which Joe replied: “Yeah, she’s been settled because the nurse is here to help me now.”

Why did we have to call you back?

Phillip Schofield

“We can hang on a bit longer if you need more time,” Phillip said but Joe said he was ready to play the game.

Finally playing Spin to Win, the guest managed to get his hands on a £1,000 cash prize as well as the bag of shizzle.

Unfortunately, his line started to cut off so the hosts weren’t able to say a proper goodbye to the caller.

Taking to Twitter, viewers commented on the moment, with one writing: “Oh my days I wasn’t expecting Joe to say that. Glad they rang him back! Hope his wife is ok? #ThisMorning @mndassoc #motorneuronedisease.”

Another posted: “Watching Spin to Win makes my morning when working from home honestly. Bless Joe, glad he made his priorities clear and made sure his wife was okay but gutted he didn’t win the jackpot! #thismorning.”

Whilst a third commented: “Feel bad for Joe now we know why he wanted them to phone him back. Bless him should have got the £3,000 for being an awesome husband #ThisMorning.”

“That was the most hilarious moment on recent TV. ‘Can you ring me back in two minutes!’ @hollywills @Schofe be told!

“Glad they called Joe back though after listening to why. So glad Joe won £1000 on @thismorning #thismorning,” a fourth shared.


Earlier this week, and with regards to the lockdown restrictions easing further, Phillip and Holly explained whey they still can’t hug each other.

The pair have been standing two meters away from one another for over a year since the pandemic began and haven’t broken the rules.

With Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 56, saying people could hug one another from Monday 17 May, 2021, the This Morning team could not.

“Sadly, Holly and I will have to wait a little bit longer for our first hug, because hugging isn’t permitted in the workplace,” Phillip explained.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.


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