PIERS Morgan took aim at James Martin today after the chef had a cheeky dig during his Saturday Kitchen show.

The GMB star wasn't best pleased when James introduced his co-star Charlotte Hawkins by reassuring viewers that Piers wouldn't be gracing his kitchen.

As the clip from the weekend programme played, James said: "Together, we will be serving up plate after plate of delicious food for one of the stars of Good Morning Britain.

"But before you go and change the channels, do not worry. It is not Piers Morgan.

"Let us get cooking while we are here. Sorry, Piers. Sorry."

Back in the studio Charlotte burst out laughing, while Susanna Reid said: "At least he apologised…"

Not one to take a dig lying down, Piers responded: "Ho ho ho, Jimmy boy. Let us see who has the last laugh, sunshine. Because I tell you what's cooking…

"You! You're what is cooking, son."

Charlotte acted as peacemaker, telling how she enjoyed her time with James and was pleased to be able to promote GMB while she was at it.

However, Piers said the show's ratings took a dive when it was revealed it wasn't him who was going to be James' guest.

Feigning outrage, Charlotte shouted "fake news", as Piers turned his attention to her outfit calling it "way too tight to wear on national TV".

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