Pregnant Rochelle Humes vows to stay indoors until her baby is born because she's so terrified of coronavirus

PREGNANT Rochelle Humes has vowed to isolate until her baby is born as she's "freaked out" about the coronavirus.

The TV presenter is 38 weeks pregnant with her third child and concerned by the surge of virus cases.

Numbers nearly doubled to 12,872 yesterday for the latest 24 period – but the worryingly high figure was in part due to a technical error that delayed many positive results.

Taking a mirror selfie that showed off her bump, Rochelle wrote on Instagram: "Me for the foreseeable…I am isolating until our little man shows up. I have one more doctors appointment and apart from that I’ll be right here at home.

"I’m all a bit freaked out about Covid again at this point of pregnancy so I’m staying put….anyone else feeling the same?'

Her followers backed her decision with her so close to her due date.

One replied: "Yep! Im with you. I’m a teacher and working up to 37 weeks 😬 will be isolating after that as want to avoid every possibility of getting ill before going in to hospital."

Another posted: "def sensible decision! we aren’t even pregnant and one min feel freaked then feel ok then go back to panic mode…. try & listen to something to calm you?! xx."

And a new mum wrote: "I gave birth this week and was really concerned too."

The official NHS guidance for pregnant women states there's "no evidence that pregnant women are more likely to get seriously ill from coronavirus."

They are included on a list of people at moderate risk, although it is stressed this is as a precaution.

It goes on to say: "There's no evidence coronavirus causes miscarriage or affects how your baby develops in pregnancy."

Rochelle recently spoke to Fabulous about her pregnancy and laughed that her boobs had "grown out of nowhere”.

She said: “They’re just massive! I don’t know what to do with them. I’ve got back ache constantly and I didn’t have that before.

“With my first two pregnancies, my boobs grew, but not like this. This is a whole new thing. Even though it’s the third time, I’m definitely just getting used to this new body.”

There is one person who isn’t complaining – Rochelle’s husband Marvin, 35.

“I mean, of course he’s pleased, but he needs to calm down,” said Rochelle, with an exaggerated roll of her eyes.

“Honestly, there’s nothing to be pleased about here! I just can’t wait for them to go back to normal.”

The couple already have daughter Alaia-Mai, seven, and Valentina, three.

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