Prince Harry to deliver keynote speech on climate change

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Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster invited royal commentator Rafe Heydel-Mankoo onto GB News to discuss Tom Bower’s latest book on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Rafe kicked off the discussion by blasting Prince Harry for being chosen to give a speech on climate change with Eamonn agreeing the move was “hypocritical”.

Eamonn began: “They are both in attendance at the United Nations in New York but Prince Harry has the honour of addressing.”

“Yes this is quite remarkable,” Rafe replied. “He’s going to be delivering the keynote speech at the UN on climate change. 

“If it wasn’t so hot today you’d think it was April fools’ Day because quite frankly asking Prince Harry to talk about climate change is akin to the Vatican asking Boris Johnson to talk about celibacy given how large this man’s carbon footprint is.”

“Is that fair?” Isabel questioned and Eamonn hit back: “It is fair, it’s private jets everywhere.”

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