Professor T filming location: Where is Ben Millers crime drama filmed? Where is it set?

Professor T: Ben Miller stars in trailer for ITV drama

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Professor T is a new ITV crime drama made up of six episodes, and it is due to make its debut this Sunday (July 18). The series is based on the Belgian series of the same name and it follows Criminology Professor Jasper Tempest, played by Death in Paradise star Ben Miller. has all you need to know about where the series is filmed and set. 

Where is Professor T set? 

The six-part series is set at one of the country’s most prestigious educational establishments – Cambridge University. 

Criminology Professor Jasper Tempest suffers from OCD – Obsessive compulsive disorder – and according to ITV he is battling “a tortured past”. 

In the first episode, the professor finds himself helping the police following an investigation into an attack on campus. 

In the same vein as shows like Sherlock, the protagonist’s unparalleled skills are just what the detectives need to solve the crime. 

The series will investigate how Diana Tyson (Elizabeth Kate Back) was attacked on the campus where Professor T works. 

The incident raises questions with DI Lisa Donckers (Emma Naomi) who believes the assault is similar to one that happened years before. 

She is a former student of Professor T’s and she is of the belief he is the best person to help find answers. 

Yet, people who are yet to get to know the quirky professor struggle to understand his behaviour. 

He will often find himself experiencing daydreams and fantasies whilst on the job. 

The show’s executive producer, Walter Iuzzolino, described the troubled professor as a “tortured genius”. 

Where is Professor T filmed? 

The series was filmed on location in Belgium and Cambridge, and actor Miller said he was thrilled to be able to return to the old university where he studied. 

He said: “It was really, really weird and here’s the weirdest thing of all: the house that Professor T grew up in is a house I know really well.

“It’s part of Jesus College and it’s where one of my good friends from university lived, who I wrote my first comedy sketches with.

“He lived in the house in a room on the ground floor, which is the room we filmed outside. Wow, it was properly strange playing scenes going through the door there, when 30 years ago I was doing the same thing.

“I don’t know if things like that make the show better, but the character in the story knows the space really well from his earliest years and so do I, so that can’t hurt. It’s always exciting when you’re playing a character and don’t have to act!”

He said he watched every episode of the original Belgian series and fell in love, although the Cambridge version will have a lot of differences. 

Filming took place amid the coronavirus pandemic and Miller said it was a strange experience. 

Despite the restrictions, he said it made him feel closer than ever to the people he worked with, and there was a real bond between co-stars. 

The series also features Adelaide Tempest (Frances De La Tour), Jasper’s mother, and Detective Sergeant Dan Winters (Barney White). 

Other characters include Detective Inspector Paul Rabbit (Andy Gathergood), Chief Inspector Christina Brand (Juliet Aubrey) and Miss Snares (Sarah Woodward). 

Christina Brand actress Aubrey said she had fun exploring Belgium during their time filming. 

She said: “The day I arrived in Antwerp the city went into full lockdown, which meant absolutely everything was closed.

“Wherever I go I like to run, so I was able to explore the city on my runs as well as experiencing the joys of riding electric scooters, because they’re everywhere in Antwerp.

“You pick them up like you would a bike in London. I cycled a lot too, because the roads in Antwerp are so well suited to it.”

Filming locations include The Ursulinen near Mechelen, Brussels and Castle of La Hulpe. 

Professor T starts on ITV on Sunday, July 18 at 9pm. 

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