GMB: Kate and Ben joke about technical difficulties

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On Friday’s episode of Good Morning Britain, presenter Ben Shephard apologised to ITV viewers after the camera randomly cut to a black screen with the words ‘KATE & DEREK STILL ULAY’ on it. The hit daytime show then suffered numerous technical issues during its live broadcast. The random glitches prompted co-host Kate Garraway to divulge a “shameful” coffee accident from the past, which led to a series of problems on set. 

Kate began: “I swept my hand across with my enthusiasm, I was on my own in the studio practically as well,

“[I] Poured an entire double latte with vanilla on the mixing desk.

“But, this is really shameful, I just panicked because I didn’t know them very well.

“I said, ‘I might have spilt a little bit of something on the desk but it seems fine.'”

The ITV host shamefully revealed: “Anyway, it destroyed the entire studio.” 

Uncomfortably, the TV star added: “They got the security camera’s which I didn’t know existed.” 

The revelation left her co-host Ben horrified as he gasped: “No!”

“And they were able to track you down?” he quizzed.

“They were able to see!” Kate explained, clearly embarrassed as she recalled the accident.

The GMB star had nowhere to hide after CCTV footage in the studio put her under fire with the show’s producers.

“They walked in and said, ‘A tiny bit of coffee?’” she cringed.

“So the boss still says to me, ‘You cost me the price of a small family car before you’d even started.’”

Ben, who was in hysterics because of his fellow ITV hosts’ blunder, began to wipe away his tears. 

“If I cause this problem today…” he laughed.

Ben then joked: “Can we find the security footage in the gallery of who spilt the coffee?”

It comes after Kate opened up earlier in the week about being awarded an MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours.

On Tuesday’s instalment, the 54-year-old was invited onto the other side of the sofa to speak with presenters Susanna Reid and Richard Bacon about the honour.

After a challenging few years for the journalist, the star was asked about her husband Derek Draper’s health and admitted he is still facing difficulties.

The former Daybreak star admitted her husband, who became seriously ill after contracting COVID-19 in March 202, is still “phenomenally fatigued”.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV

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