Rebekah Vardy accuses Coleen Rooney of 'faking' her pap shots as she ridicules WAG for endless coffee runs

LIKE the Shipping Forecast, the Today programme and Jesy Nelson's selfies, some things you can set your watch by.

But now the frequency of paparazzi photo sets showing Coleen Rooney picking up a coffee near her Cheshire home appear to have joined the raft of incidents so regular you’d almost worry if they didn’t happen — and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

In a thinly veiled Instagram swipe, Coleen’s arch-nemesis Rebekah Vardy has hinted her rival “fakes” the snaps — which usually show her looking svelte in her leisure gear.

Becky sniped: “Maybe I should start doing fake coffee run pics.”

I’ve no idea whether Coleen does or doesn’t, though I’d suggest if I was in the business of faking snaps of myself for the mass media I’d try to make sure I was doing something a bit sexier than slurping a Caffe Nero, but each to their own.

What I do know, is that any extra mudslinging is likely to open a fresh front in the pair’s increasingly daft battle which now threatens to cost enough cash to fund a small nation for a year.

As recently as last week the duo’s representatives were back in court hurling trivialities back and forth in a feud which has now taken so many twists and turns along the way it might as well all just end up back where it started.

In 279BC the Greek king and statesman Pyrrhus of Epirus – who I probably haven’t mentioned many times previously in this column because he never dated a Love Islander – won a victory against the Romans at the Battle of Asculum.

The win gave him the chance to gloat of his triumph, but cost the lives of so many of his forces he was forced to abandon his campaign, pack his bags and head off home in a huff immediately afterwards.

Such costly a military shambles later became known as a Pyrrhic victory.
I’ll just leave that there, ladies

Hot Kylie's knot one to show off

KYLIE Jenner has her summer look all tied up.

The American reality star will no doubt spend all her time posing in skimpy bikinis – much like this gold number, which was knotted at the front. I hope she was in the Girl Guides.

Kylie’s Instagram followers certainly approved, as the photograph got 7.8million likes when she posted it on Sunday.

She captioned the picture: “Leo season loading,” in a nod to her star sign ahead of her birthday on August 10.

Kylie turns 24 next month and I’ve no doubt this birthday will more than make up for the quiet party she was forced to throw last year because of the pandemic.

Ellie back in dance groove

ELLIE GOULDING is going back to what she does best with her new album, making upbeat pop music.

The Burn singer is already hard at work after becoming a mum for the first time in April and her new tunes will be a real change from her last album, Brightest Blue.

While making that record Ellie said: “I spent a lot of time by myself, quite introspective.

“I had a backlog of things I wanted to write about. It was quite deep and emotional. And this album is the opposite of that.

“I found this dream team of writers, who just for some reason, without even having to talk about it, were all on the same page. Together we’re on this mission just to have fun.”

She told the Joe Wicks Podcast: “We just want to make music for people to dance to and forget about everything in the past year.

“It is like a dance record. It’s electronic pop, a dance thing from outer space.”

Top of the K-pops

SOUTH Korean superstars BTS and Blackpink have both had hits over here, but now another K-pop group look set to become even bigger.

Aespa only debuted eight months ago but have just been ranked the No1 K-pop girl group for the second month in a row. And the video to their latest single, Next Level, has broken their own mammoth YouTube record, by reaching 100million views in 32 days.

And they aren’t just sticking to a pop sound with their music, either.
Band member Karina said: “Our music is not limited to just one specific genre as we like to try various genres and also mix and match different sounds.

“No matter what your music preferences are, we hope everyone will enjoy our music and find something that caters to their liking. Our style of music may differ, but we give our all into each song.”

Maura's all smiles

MAURA Higgins was all smiles in her latest snap and it’s no wonder, as she’s bagged herself an Italian stallion.

The Love Island star showed off her pearly whites in a colourful dress as she clutched a glass of red and laid back on a rooftop.

I revealed recently that she and Strictly Come Dancing professional Giovanni Pernice had become an item.

Days later they both confirmed my story with loved-up snaps on Instagram.
Maura captioned hers “I’m yours,” while he wrote “You’re mine.”
Giovanni commented on the latest post: “Stunning.”

Already they are struggling to be apart, as Maura wrote on social media: “Miss you Giovanni Pernice.”

Now she just needs to sign up to Strictly and they will be inseparable.

Skep to it with album

IT seems grime star Skepta has a short memory. Only four months ago he suggested he may retire, posting cryptic messages on social media. In March he said he would release one more song and “after we drop that I’m out”, before adding: “I’ve stopped recording 2021.”

But perhaps he got confused in lockdown because yesterday he revealed he has a new record on the way and was outraged about any chat – which he started – about quitting.

He said: “I could never quit music. I don’t know who’s pushing that narrative, pushing that agenda that Skeppy is stopping music and all that. How? I am music.”

The rapper spent yesterday shooting the video for the lead single of a five-track EP, which he is planning to release on July 30 – a week after his pal Dave’s second album We’re All Alone In This Together.

On an Instagram Live, he said: “I’m going to let Dave’s album come out this week then I’m going to drop it the week after. But I’m going to announce the track list this Sunday.”

Rapper KSI is on course to go to No1 this week with his latest album, and Dave will face competition from Anne-Marie and Kanye West, who are also planning to put out albums on Friday.

Is that smart, Mart?

TRENDY new haircut? Check. Flash suit paired with box-fresh trainers? Check. Tinted blue specs that would make BONO think, “They’re probably a bit much”, and a collarless shirt which screams, “I’ve just discovered shopping on the interweb” – double check.

But it’s the much younger, post-separation girlfriend that really completes the midlife crisis look to a tee, so credit where it’s due, Martin Freeman really hasn’t done things by halves.

The Sherlock actor is one of Britain’s most-loved talents, but he risks mangling his reputation before his imminent 50th birthday by trying frantically to keep up with actress Rachel Mariam, 29.

Their romance comes after he separated from fellow Sherlock star Amanda Abbington after 16 years, a period where he was mostly seen out in a fairly standard issue suit and shoes combo – and looked infinitely better for it. Do yourself a favour mate and get to M&S like a grown-up. I’ll see you there.

Ed's free HMV gig

ED Sheeran is going to mark HMV’s centenary in style – with a free gig.

He will perform on August 25 at HMV Empire in Coventry, which is also celebrating being City of Culture 2021.

Fans will be able to enter a draw for tickets on the firm’s website. Ed, at No1 with Bad Habits, said: “Very happy to be performing for HMV’s 100th birthday.

"HMV is a store I spent a lot of time in growing up and where I discovered lots of new music, so I’m looking forward to celebrating this milestone with them.”

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