Rebel Wilson is "feeling on top of the world!"

Posting to her Instagram Story on Thursday, the 40-year-old actress shared a series of photographs of herself from "the top of the Alps," where she happily celebrated Thanksgiving.

"Happy Thanksgiving everybody, with love from the top of the alps," Wilson said to her followers in her first post, before she shared a series of shots of herself posing on the snowy landscape. In another, Wilson also shared a preview of what her Thanksgiving night looked like, sharing a photo of herself with her legs up on a table as she watched some entertainment from her laptop that was situated nearby.

Later on, Wilson also shared the same photos from her Instagram Story in a set of Instagram posts, where she captioned the first series of shots, "Feeling on top of the world!"

In another post, Wilson shared an image of herself kicking some snow, writing in the caption of that photo, "I’m all T & A in my photo shoot today …as in TRADITIONAL & AUSTRIAN 😜."

One year after staying at VivaMayr, a luxury medical detox and wellness center in Austria, Wilson booked another stay to finish out 2020 on a strong note and hopefully hit her goal weight of 75 kilos, or about 165 lbs. Over the last six days of her stay, Wilson has gone on chilly lakeside hikes, swum laps in the resort pool and hit up the steam room.

The Pitch Perfect star's holiday fun comes about after she has lost around 40 lbs. so far during 2020, which she has been calling her "year of health."

To help shed those pounds, she had to shift her mentality, she told PEOPLE.

"You never want it to be about the number, because it really isn't about that," she said. "It's about: I was doing some unhealthy things to my body and I just wanted to change it and become a healthier person."

She also shared how her feelings about herself impacted her choices.

"I think I was emotional eating, and overeating at times, because I wasn't loving myself enough. And it does come down to that self-worth and self-love."

Over time, Wilson worked with a nutritionist, who helped her realize that she was "probably eating 3,000 calories most days" of mostly carbs, which weren’t keeping her full. The actress not only increased the intensity of her workouts, but also switched to a high-protein diet.

"So, I've really changed to eating a high-protein diet, which is challenging because I didn't used to eat a lot of meat," she said. "I eat fish, salmon and chicken breast."

Wilson also admitted that she does cheat sometimes. "It doesn't mean every week is a healthy week," she said. "Some weeks are just write-offs, and there's nothing you can do about that."

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Finding that balance, along with not stressing out over the scale, has been the key to her weight loss, Wilson said.

"I would say to everyone out there don't be obsessed about how much you actually weigh," she noted. "It's more about all the healthy practices, and then the changes to your whole lifestyle."

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