RHOC Recap: Cast Rails on Tamra Judge, Kelly Learns Truth About Train Rumor

Bravo even showed apparent screenshots of Tamra’s texts to Kelly, including a video of a woman overreacting to a head bop.

Tamra Judge was the topic of conversation on Tuesday’s episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," but it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

After putting together some pieces of various unsolved puzzles, some of the women said they felt Tamra was twisting their words, lying, making them look bad to their friends and throwing them under the bus, all while covering her own tracks.

Last week, Braunwyn Windham-Burke told the group what really went down between Kelly Dodd and Kelly’s then-boyfriend, Dr. Brian Reagan, after Tamra and Shannon Beador brought up an alleged "bar fight." Braunwyn maintained she was simply trying to set the record straight by revealing what Kelly had told her about the argument, but Tamra ran and told Kelly that Braunwyn was the first person at the table talking you-know-what about her. Judge left out that she, too, was involved in the conversation and that she told both Beador and Vicki Gunvalson about the "funeral" comment Dodd told her in confidence.

Kelly then called Braunwyn and let her have it, which left the latter in tears. So Braunwyn met up with Emily Simpson and confided in her about how she felt she had been played. Emily assured her she’d have her back if she chose to confront Kelly.

So the women, sans-Tamra, set up a dinner to hash out their problems, and that’s when many uncomfortable revelations came to light. Kelly felt bad about having ripped Braunwyn a new one, so she apologized. Braunwyn then felt the need to let Kelly know that it was Tamra and not Vicki who first mentioned the "train" rumor on camera. Kelly was shocked.

"Tamra always acts like she’s my best friend. She’s the biggest two face!" Kelly said angrily, later telling the camera, "I think this is part of Tamra’s pattern. She is somebody that likes to throw a little bomb and then walk away. Tamra was actually the one that was spreading the train rumor! I had no idea! I always thought it was Vicki! I am completely shocked, disappointed, it makes me sick to my stomach that I even trusted this woman."

Emily then added that Tamra didn’t "try to facilitate a positive outcome" when Gina Kirschenheiter went to her to talk about the failed date Emily had set her up on. "She likes to stir up problems between other people and then she acts like she has clean hands, like she didn’t do anything," Simpson said.

Braunwyn noted, "She’s trying to come between us! She’s manipulating all of us so that we’re fighting amongst ourselves!"

"And I’m the idiot that would talk to her, and she’s over here talking smack?!" Kelly shouted.

Shannon was incredibly uncomfortable with the whole conversation and tried to defend her friend, saying she "wasn’t talking smack" about Kelly. "You guys, I don’t want negativity in my life," she said, but Kelly claimed Tamra’s talked her fair share of smack behind Shannon’s back, too.

"You should see the shit that she says about you!" Dodd told Beador, whose eyes bulged. "I’ve had hours and hours of conversation with Tamra about you."

Shannon was stunned. "About me?! Are you serious? Negative?" Kelly nodded, before quoting what she claimed Tamra said. "’She’s kissing every guy at the bar.’ She called Gina last night, and she told Gina, ‘Why don’t you, me and Kelly room together on our next trip?’ Uh-huh. She said that to Gina. Oh, and then she told me when I bonked you on the head, she’s like, ‘Oh, there was nothing wrong with her.’"

Bravo even showed supposed screenshots of Tamra’s texts to Kelly, including a video of a woman overreacting to a head bop.

"Constantly judging!" Kelly went on. "’Shannon’s put on weight again…’"

"She’s saying I’m gaining weight?!" Beador asked. "I’m just so surprised."

"I feel like the wind’s been knocked out of me because I have gained weight," she later told the camera. "And I’ve talked to Tamra about it, so how would Kelly know? Is Tamra really talking about me? To hear some of these comments kind of opens up some old wounds for me."

She was so, so hurt and could barely control her tears. "My friendship with her is so much deeper," Shannon explained to the women, adding that they talk on the phone "like 10 times a day, every day."

A very hurt and sad Shannon said she needed to talk to Tamra, but Kelly asked what good that would do. "It’s never gonna stop," Emily added. "It’s who she is."

"I knew damn good and well who she was, and I still didn’t go with my gut," Dodd later told the camera. "She just is a snake and she just sticks her venom on everybody. We got Vicki who’s a pig, and Tamra who’s a snake."

Gina also spent a good chunk of the episode grappling with what to do about the fact that she was spending a lot of time with her ex, while also dating someone. She told her therapist she had slept with Matt but didn’t necessarily feel good about. She cried because she was scared to lose him but also scared to stay with him. Gina also revealed she couldn’t muster up the courage to tell Matt she was going out of town with a guy because she said Matt’s a bit of a hothead with a quick temper.

Also, Emily and Shane had a dinner date, where they discussed fighting less in front of the kids (they agreed to try to do that), going back to couple’s therapy (Shane didn’t want to go but said Emily should) and the fact that Emily has a lot of resentment toward Shane for the way he speaks to her. He also tempted her with the bread basket despite her desire to avoid it in an effort to lose weight.

She later sobbed during a confessional, saying she has "little kids" and doesn’t "know what to do."

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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