'RHONJ': Jennifer Aydin Says She Has 'Made Progress' With Melissa Gorga After Troubled History

Jennifer Aydin and Melissa Gorga of The Real Housewives of New Jersey have had a rocky relationship. Over the years, the two have not seen eye-to-eye on things and conflict had been present. On the latest episode of the Bravo reality series, Aydin knows something about Gorga’s husband and is skeptical about bringing it up. However, Aydin recently talked to Showbiz Cheat Sheet and teased that her friendship with Gorga has “made progress.”

Jennifer Aydin vs Melissa Gorga

RHONJ fans may remember that Aydin and Gorga went after each other during last season’s reunion. They both called each other “a-holes” and it was a messy situation. When season 11 started, Jackie Goldschneider had a birthday party for her husband and it would be the first time that Aydin and Gorga would see each other again.

Despite the obvious tension between Aydin and Gorga, both ladies decided to be civil with one another. No drama was brought up at that moment and Aydin says that she has made progress with Gorga since then.

“I feel like Melissa and I, we had some moments where we made progress,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “She did look me up and down and say, she can’t stand me in the first episode, which was shocking to me. I’ve never said that about any one of my cast members. But, you do you, honey, I do me. You just rub off me, it’s fine.”

Jennifer Aydin and Jackie Goldschneider

During the same interview, Aydin talked about Goldschneider and how she handled her feud with Teresa Giudice. RHONJ fans know that Aydin and Goldschneider also have a rocky relationship and it has not been an easy road for them.

The explosive encounter between Giudice and Goldschneider happened after the former said the latter’s husband was having an affair. After Goldschneider confronted Giudice over the claim, she made an analogy using Gia’s name which made the latter housewife lose it on her. Aydin said that she would have handled the situation in a different manner.

“Being on a reality show and being on this platform, you’re opening yourself up to constant criticism and judgments and rumors,” she told us. “I feel like all of that go hand-in-hand, and it’s how you receive it or react to it that really makes the call on how it’s gonna go down. Jackie had the power to just be like, ‘Alright, do you have any proof? No? Say what now? OK, let’s keep it moving.’ And she didn’t. Instead, she went totally to the left.”

Although things between Aydin and Goldschneider are not perfect, she says that their’s “mutual respect.”

“I feel like there’s a mutual respect there, I hope so. There is on my end,” she said. “But you know what I say? Just kill ’em with kindness. Living your best life is the ultimate revenge.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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