SAM Faiers left fans cringing as she stripped to sexy lingerie and jumped into bed with Paul on last night’s Mummy Diaries.

The 29-year-old decided to turn up the heat as the couple celebrated their fifth anniversary during a romantic trip to Venice – without their kids Paul, four, and Rosie, two.

Before heading off on the trip, Sam declared that she wanted to pack lots of sexy clothes because Paul is used to seeing her dressed down.

She said: “All Paul sees me in is my pyjamas or loungewear.”

Describing the nightie she likes to wear most, she continued: “Basically it's just a strappy long nightie, and brushed cotton, and it's like loose-fitting so it's really really comfortable but nothing about it is sexy whatsoever.”

Later in the episode Sam showcased what she had brought with her – a silky grey robe and lace nightie.

As she got into bed she started kissing Paul passionately – leaving those watching at home cringing.

One person tweeted: “Oh Jesus Christ.  We did not need to see Sam getting into bed like that. Fgs keep some things between yourselves #MummyDiaries.”

A second added: “There's absolutely no need to show us the sexy nightwear and for us to be privy  to their talk of their planned sex session. Somethings should be kept private.  #MummyDiaries.”

While  a third commented: “No we really don't want to watch your pre-s**g video #mummydiaries.”

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