'Scrubs': J.D. and Elliot's Stunt Doubles Fell in Love on Set

What makes a great TV show? Certainly, a great concept and clever writing both play a huge role. But one thing every winning TV show has had is great on-screen chemistry with its cast members.

One show that had tremendous chemistry between its ensemble was the sitcom Scrubs. Anyone who watched the show could see how well the cast members gelled.

But what many people may not realize is that the great chemistry wasn’t limited to the cast. A couple of members of the stunt team also got along very well. Let’s take a closer look at the two stunt doubles on the set of the show Scrubs that had a happy ending of their own. 

The premise of ‘Scrubs’ 

According to IMDb, Scrubs ran for nine seasons (2001-2010). The show focused on a medical facility designed to teach medical students and interns known as Sacred Heart Hospital.

The show’s main character was John “J.D.” Dorian (played by Zach Braff). J.D. navigated life at the hospital with the help of his friends and his mentor, the snide but hilarious Dr. Perry Cox. Other characters on the show included J.D.’s best friend Turk, Turk’s wife and nurse Carla, J.D.’s rival the mysterious Janitor, and his on-again-off-again love interest, Elliot (played by Sarah Chalke). 

The show began on NBC but ended its run on ABC. It was known for its clever, witty jokes that were delivered at a fast pace. It was also known for its absurdity, often putting the characters in nutty scenarios. The show had a heart at the same time, however. It wasn’t afraid to tackle the reality of being set in a hospital. It always balanced the sentimentality out with punchlines, though. 

The relationship between J.D. and Elliot

Many great sitcoms feature some sort of “will they or won’t they?” romantic tension between the show’s leads. Friends had Ross and Rachel. Cheers had Sam and Diane. Seinfeld even had Jerry and Elaine (at least in the first few seasons). On Scrubs, that pairing was J.D. and Elliot.

The two always had romantic tension, even as they got together and broke up throughout the show’s run. The couple had a happy ending, eventually ending up together following the show’s conclusion. Of course, this doesn’t mean Chalke and Braff would get together. But there was at least one pairing on the show that did lead to a relationship in real life. 

The story of how J.D. and Elliot’s stunt doubles fell in love

One of the reasons Scrubs worked as well as it did was due to the fantastic cut scenes that were a part of the show. While much of the show took place in “real” life, much of it happened inside J.D.’s head.

It had a dream-like quality, where characters would be placed in ridiculous, zany scenarios for a matter of seconds before the perspective snapped back to the show’s reality. This often left the actors performing rather physical takes. 

One scene involved J.D. and Elliot bungee jumping. According to Mental Floss, a fan asked Chalke on Twitter if she and Braff performed the skydive. Chalke responded that not only was it not them, but their stunt doubles had a crazy ending to their story. Apparently, the stunt doubles for both actors had never met before that day. It was love at first sight, though, and they later got married after meeting on the set. 

Over the course of its run, the show Scrubs brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. When they had their bungee jumping scene, there were at least two people whose lives were changed forever in the best way possible. 

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