However, the role eventually went to DeAnna Pappas, who previously competed in Brad Womack’s season of ‘The Bachelor’, mostly because of Ellen DeGeneres’ push.

AceShowbiz -“Selling Sunset” star Chrishell Stause almost became a leading lady on “The Bachelorette“. Robert Mills, ABC’s Senior Vice President of Alternative Series, Specials and Late Night Programming, made the revelation during his appearance on Nick Viall‘s podcast “The Viall Files”.

“I actually had lunch with Chrishell – this was about 10 or 11 years ago – to talk about being the Bachelorette,” he told the former “The Bachelor” star on Wednesday, October 28. “There was a time when ‘Bachelorette’ was sort of done just, like, every so often when they decided to do it,” he went on explaining, adding there were “four Bachelors for every one Bachelorette.”

Mills said that a casting director recommended the “All My Children” actress to him for the gig. “We had this incredible lunch, I think it was at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and she was awesome. And I was convinced. I’m like, ‘This is the Bachelorette,’ ” Mills recalled.

However, the role eventually went to DeAnna Pappas, who previously competed in Brad Womack‘s season of “The Bachelor”, mostly because of Ellen DeGeneres‘ push. “I remember Ellen DeGeneres actually calling the president of ABC at the time saying, ‘This woman needs to be the Bachelorette,’ ” Mills added. “This was before we even said we were going to do a Bachelorette. And, at that point, it’s like, ‘Well how do we not do that?’ “

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Although she missed the opportunity to be a Bachelorette, the actress and reality TV star is currently competing in season 29 of “Dancing with the Stars“. In her interview on “Tamron Hall Show”, the 39-year-old shared that she wanted to focus on “DWTS” before going back to the dating game following her split from ex-husband Justin Hartley.

“I’m not dating [right now],” she told host Tamron Hall. “You know, I’m really busy. I’m trying to work on my cha-chas and my contemporaries,” Chrishell added. The real estate agent alluded that as for now, she wanted to fully focus on the ABC dancing competition.

However, she wanted to get back to find new love as soon as “Dancing with the Stars” is over. “It’s something I’m looking forward to as soon as it’s over, but hopefully people will vote so it won’t be right away,” she joked. “I’m going to venture out once I’m done with this.”

“You know, Tamron, what it really is,” she went on to say. “I’m just waiting to get my dancer body on and then I’m gonna be like, ‘OK, I’m ready!’ “

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