Selling Sunset season five due in March reveals Mary Fitzgerald

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Netflix’s hit reality series Selling Sunset returned to screens with its fourth instalment in November and due to its success, season five has already been confirmed. Star Chrishell Stause confirmed more drama was to be expected and also shared her anxiety about it becoming more personal.

Selling Sunset followed the lives of the glamorous estate agents working at the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles.

Although the series does showcase the agents selling luxury properties to its affluent clients it also shows the ongoing, yet entertaining drama the women have with each other.

In season four fan favourite Christine Quinn found herself at the centre of the drama after butting heads with her former best friend Mary Fitzgerald.

While their tensions have yet to be resolved on-screen, Chrishell shared she would have more of the spotlight in the upcoming season.

Speaking to Digital Spy, she explained: “Next season, I think that it’ll get a little more into my personal life and some of the real estate I do in Season 5 is also some of my biggest listings to date.

“So, I was excited about the real estate aspect of it all, as far as the drama element, of course, that is there.

“It’s never my personal favourite; it gives me anxiety to do it and to watch it. But hopefully, we’ll get a lot of those things resolved and answered that you had open questions from season 4,” she concluded.

While Chrishell and Christine have had issues with each other in the past, Chrishell’s drama in season five could be focused on her romantic relationships.

Earlier in the year, it was confirmed she and Oppenheim boss Jason were an item, however, the two announced their breakup this month.

It’s very likely, the series will air show the two as a couple and then the aftermath of their split, as well as the potential effect it will have at the office.

Throughout the seasons, Chrishell has expressed her desire to become a mother while Jason openly shared he wasn’t as eager to start a family.

After her divorce from actor Justin Hartley, Chrishell froze her eggs and stated: “I definitely had a different idea for where I would be at this age and stage in my life.

“There’s a family aspect that I’m missing that I hope is still a possibility for me,“ she added.

Her dream to have a family is believed to be the major reason her relationship with Jason was short-lived.

In her lengthy Instagram caption, Chrishell stated: “Men have the luxury of time that women don’t and that’s just the way it goes.”

While making it clear she and Jason were amicable and still had love and respect for each other.

With Chrishell expected to be in the limelight in season five, Mary also confirmed the upcoming season would be “very, very good.”

The agent teased: “Season 4 I think was very like… a lot was going on and just shocking and great and dramatic, and season 5’s gonna be the same.”

Sadly viewers won’t get to see much of Vanessa Villela, as the newcomer missed a chunk of filming due to contracting Covid at the beginning of production. will be updated with release information for the upcoming fifth season.

Selling Sunset seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix.

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