It’s a whirlwind of set changes, bad wigs and worse costumes as the “Long Shot” co-stars join James Corden for a whirlwind tour of the popular film genre.

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen are no strangers to romantic comedies. In fact, they’ve got a new one dropping in theaters today. But "Long Shot" is just the latest in a tradition going back decades, and it’s one they seem to know pretty well.

The pair dropped by "The Late Late Show" for the latest in James Corden’s Role Call sketches, which saw them help the host tear through 21 different classic rom-coms in 12 minutes. And not only did they spotlight some of our all-time favorite movies, they singled out the most iconic scenes in them.

That meant we got to see Charlize get her hand snapped in a necklace box a la Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman," we got to see Seth’s Tom Cruise impression that was so ridiculously funny, Charlize couldn’t help but break character. We even got to see James stammer his way through three Hugh Grant movies.

By the third, Seth actually stopped the sketch. "Are you still Hugh Grant?"

"Yes, he’s done a lot of these films."

And yes, Charlize got the treat of a lifetime — or maybe it was our treat — when she got to recreate possibly the most famous romantic comedy scene of all time: Meg Ryan’s diner scene from "When Harry Met Sally."

They went full hair gel from "There’s Something About Mary," went all the way back to "Some Like It Hot" and switched their roles for "Love Simon." They even dipped into Seth’s personal film history with a scene from "Knocked Up."

Both Seth and Charlize actually lost it completely when James rolled in with a curly wig ready to take on the role of Seth for this one. "I do a really good Seth Rogen," he insisted, even offering up Seth’s distinctive laugh.

See if you remember all the films and scenes in the sketch above and then plan your romantic comedy binge-watch weekend accordingly.

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