SEVERAL weeks after being caught trying to assault Chloe Harris, Noah Dingle faces comeuppance for his actions.

Over in Emmerdale, his mother Charity is butting heads with another villager. Get the lowdown on all the drama for this week.

1. Charity clashes with Kerry

The future looks bleak for young villager Noah Dingle (portrayed by Jack Downham) as he faces comeuppance for stalking Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland).

In recent episodes, the troublemaker showed up in court alongside his mother Charity (played by Emma Atkins) who was a witness to him almost assaulting Chloe.

As Noah waits for his sentence to be made official, the pressure becomes hard to handle and his loved ones are doing all that they can to support him.

This includes Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb).

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Coming up, the latter collars village solicitor Ethan Anderson (Emile John) in the Woolpack.

He takes it upon himself to ask about Noah's chances in court – unaware that Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) has overheard their conversation.

Furious, Chloe Harris' maid gets into an argument about Noah.

Charity has had enough of Kerry's attitude and decides to throw her out altogether.

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Noah is sentenced for stalking Chloe HarrisCredit: ITV

2. Noah's sentence is revealed

But while she's burning bridges with Kerry, Charity is also at loggerheads with her son as Noah blames her for his troubles.

After her altercation with Kerry, she's pleased to see Noah outside the pub.

Sadly, he continues to blame her for his woes as she turned him in to the police.

Another argument ensues during which Mackenzie and Charity support one another, much to Noah's surprise.

However, while in the pub, Charity wonders if she’s done the right thing.

Despite his irritable mood, Noah is grateful for Belle's support as they leave for court but refuses to get his stuff from Charity's claiming he doesn't have a mother anymore.

Later on, Charity is determined to put on a brave face ahead of Noah's sentencing – while Sarah realises that everybody has forgotten her birthday, gutted to have Noah's issues overshadow her big day.

Charity’s devastated to witness her son leave the village looking so lost and alone but their relationship seems damaged beyond repair.

While in court, Charity sees Noah’s reaction to her arrival and regrets coming.

As the sentencing commences, the group anxiously await Noah’s fate.

Will Noah actually go to prison?

3. Will is blackmailed

Meanwhile, Will Taylor (played by Dean Andrews) is trying to track down Jamie Tate after he was told the truth about him faking his death.

As viewers know, Will has come up with a plan with the help of his former cellmate Mike – but this is set to backfire.

This week, Will is trying to throw Kim Tate (Claire King) off the scent as she worries he's hiding something.

While at the Scrapyard, the pair arrange to go out for dinner until a shady Mike turns up unannounced with an important update for Will.

Mike tells Will that a man fitting Jamie’s description was spotted near Hazel’s house – and suggests a DNA test.

Already overwhelmed by the thought of having to lie to Kim, who still doesn't know her son is actually alive and well, Will offers Gabby help to look after Thomas.

Gabby accepts and, as he keeps an eye on baby Thomas, Will unpacks the DNA Sample Kit, becoming aware that he's standing Kim up in the process.

Kim is fuming when Will leaves her all alone for dinner, prompting him to feel grim at the web of lies he's spinning.

Will later tells Mike he has a sample of Thomas' hair and gives him a firm deadline of twenty-four hours to get back to him, but Mike has a trick up his sleeve.

To his shock, Mike demands three grand for the DNA results, leaving Will to beg for a few more hours to look for the cash.


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4. Kim makes a shock discovery

Unfortunately, Will doesn't have the funds and is left with no choice but to resort to desperate measures.

In later scenes, Will transfers the money from the Portakabin's accounts to be able to pay Mike.

This could land him into more trouble and his guilt only grows when Jimmy expresses concern over the haulage company's finances after they lose another client.

But things go from bad to worse when a suspicious Kim follows through with her hunch about Will potentially hiding something.

Soon enough, Kim discovers three grand in cash in his bag and the haulage company's accounts open on his laptop?

5. Leyla struggles with her addiction

Suzy Merton (played by Martelle Edinborough) was not enough for Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) to get rid of her cocaine addiction.

This week, Leyla takes a line before breakfast and her jittery behaviour doesn't go unnoticed.

Her husband Liam (portrayed by Jonny McPherson) is concerned but things get worse for Leyla when she's unable to finish an interview with a journalist after feeling unwell.

By quitting drugs cold turkey, Suzy has left Leyla to get her fix from someone else.

When she finds coke in Leyla's bag, she warns her about the dangers of buying from an unknown dealer.

Suzy continues to scold (and annoy) Leyla but delivers some harsh truths about her addiction before storming out to do the interview herself.

Leyla is left alone with the cocaine and makes the decision to wash out the rest of it down the sink.

6. Liam grows more worried

As mentioned above, Leyla's behaviour becomes a cause for concern for those closes to her, including her son Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant).

A buzzing Jacob later shows up at Tenants, eager to talk about university and a ropey Leyla tries to act normal to throw him off the scent.

While Jacob may be fooled, Liam is on to her but he doesn't suspect she may be addicted to cocaine.

Instead, Liam grows increasingly worried and convinced that Leyla is suffering from PTSD.

Whether he will bring up his concerns to her or not remains to be seen.

Matters go from bad to worse for Leyla that same evening.

As Take A Vow is buzzing with business, Leyla feels queasy and desperately tries to keep up with the night's events.

7. Amelia collapses

Elsewhere, Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) takes her obsession with influencers and her issues with her body image to an incredibly dangerous level.

This week, Cathy Hope is exasperated by Amelia’s preoccupation with aesthetics.

When Amelia suddenly collapses, Cathy and Samson Dingle gather around her in fear.

Amelia tries to convince them that she’s okay, claiming not to have eaten that day.

Aware of the dangers of the weight gain syrup Amelia has bought, Cathy’s unsure whether to believe her or not.

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