When? Next year

How might she go? With Bethany’s exit so far away on the horizon it is anyone’s guess what they might have in store for her but Iain MacLeod has teased a ‘brilliant’ final chapter for the character.

Let’s hope we don’t have to take the word ‘final’ too literally but there’s no word if Bethany will live or die. But given her performances and awards through her time in the show, it’s likely Corrie will want to showcase Lucy’s talent as much as possible before she goes so it is undoubtedly going to be a big exit.

Kate Connor

When? Later this year

How might she go? Kate is grieiving the loss of her soulmate Rana and the Street also carries bad memories of the loss of her brother Aidan. With Carla having had a breakdown too, it sounds like it might all become a bit too much for Kate.

The door is being left open – but who can really blame Kate if she reaches the decision that she needs to start a new life away from the agony that Weatherfield has brought her?

Robert Preston

When? Autumn

How might he go? Robert is currently a suspect in the ongoing factory collapse mystery but with it being confirmed that the new villain would be long term, this appears to rule Robert out as the culprit. We know he will strike up a romance with Vicky but could he also reunite with Michelle before the end, leading to a joint exit?

Or perhaps he discovers Rana’s true colours and falls victim to their hands?

Sinead Tinker

When? Unconfirmed

How might she go? Coronation Street have not officially confirmed this exit but have suggested that the cancer storyline is far from over as ‘Katie is fully committed to it’. Which sounds like it could have the makings of a very tragic ending…

Sophie Webster

When? Spring

How might she go? Due to pregnant Brooke Vincent’s maternity leave, Sophie will be taking an extended break from the show but we know that she is about to reunite with lawyer Paula.

So it seems likely that the pair might head off on a trip together or move away from Weatherfield for a time. Brooke has not indicated that she is leaving for good so Sophie won’t be killed off.

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