SNOWPIERCER ended its debut season on an almighty cliff-hanger earlier this year.

The dystopian drama follows the last of huamnity in a frozen wasteland, who survived only by taking to trains that revolve the Earth at high speeds to stop them freezing solid.

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In the season finale the entire cast had their world rocked when the enigmatic Mr Wilford, played by Sean Bean, was revealed to be alive and driving a train even larger than Snowpiercer, Big Alice.

In the closing moments it was also revealed that Melanie Cavill's (Jennifer Connelly) daughter had survived the apocalypse and had been living on the rival train.

The revolution aboard Snowpiercer had dominated most of the season, but with the arrival of Big Alice, the civil war between the elite of First Class and those living in poverty in the tail could well be sidelined.

With the new season set to kick off in January, here's what fans can expect to see play out in the upcoming episodes.

Wilford's revenge

In the trailer for season 2 Wilford vowed to "take back what's his," so it's unlikely his reunion with Melanie will be a peaceful one.

Meanwhile Melanie has previously made her thoughts on the entrepenur known, slamming him as fraudulent and hypocritical despite his glittering reputation, so we doubt she'll be happy to see him either.

When the two are reunited it's likely we'll learn how Melanie seized control of the train – but will Wilford live up to the hype, given that he's basically worshipped as a God?

One thing's for certain, he'll have a devoted follower in hospitality manager Ruth, who has known Wilford since before the apocalypse when the pair met in her bed and breakfast.

She has defended him tirelessly, so we're expecting her to become his right hand man when it comes to ralling the passengers aboard Snowpiercer.

Melanie's daughter

The other main figure of intrigue is Melanie's daughter, Alexandra.

Alexandra was presumed dead up until the closing moments of the finale, so her arrival will shake Melanie – who was last seen facing execution – to the core.

The nature of Alexandra's relationship with Wilford is also unclear, but it certainly seems like she's doing his bidding when she boards Snowpiercer.

Has been brainwashed againt her own mother, or is she working for him under duress?

Only time will tell, but we doubt her reunion with Melanie will run smoothly given the amount of time they've spent apart.

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Snowpiercer's revolution

Snowpiercer's vastly unequal class system sparked a revolution of bloody proportions as the tail and Third Class united to topple the ruling powers at the head of the train.

Lead by Andre Layton the rebels successfully toppled First Class, seizing the passengers' quarters and overthrowing the biased justice system.

However, with the arrival of the new train will the new order be thrown off course?

Wilford very much represents the old way, so his arrival could whip up resistance to a more equal society.

What's more, it was the notion that Wilford was dead that inspired many to rise up, so could his survival undermine the very spirit of the revolution?

We suspect Layton will struggle to steady the ship and establish a new form of leadership with Wilford around.

Big Alice

A second train circling the Earth was a bombshell in itself, but the fact that Big Alice looks to be larger and more advanced than Snowpiercer is even more controversial.

A bigger train likely means a bigger military force, especially with the people of Snowpiercer being weakened by the recent civil war.

With Big Alice's authorities storm the train and bring the population over to their way of living?

Given that Snowpiercer had lost some of its agricultural carriages in an avalanche and much of the second class when LJ Folger's parents where uncoupled from the train and left to freeze, the new resources probably be appreciated and could be used to win people over.

Side note – we're expecting Wilford to have a seriously opulent carriage, but whether he's willing to share his wealth or not is another matter entirely.

Snowpiercer season 1 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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