Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) is in need of a distraction in upcoming EastEnders episodes, so she decides to plan a grand Walford carnival.

She’s looking for something else to focus on as she’s convinced she’s heading to prison after the car crash and social services intervening with baby Annie.

At The Vic, Janine (Charlie Brooks) attempts to flirt with Mick (Danny Dyer), but he can’t stop thinking about Linda and her upcoming court hearing.

Trying to offer his support, he asks Linda to go over the exact events of the accident, encouraging her to check the call log and when they discover Linda made a call to the pub that night, Janine panics.

Convinced she’s going to prison; Linda writes birthday cards for her children’s future.

Wanting to make the most of the time she has the right side of prison, Linda suggests a Carnival party and Mick loves the idea.

There is further progress for Linda, as Mick encourages Ollie to have a sleepover at her house.

As Linda puts a plan into place for Carnival, will this be the final thing she does before she’s sent to prison?

Or will the truth soon be exposed?

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