Strictly's Ranvir Singh reveals she put on a stone in lockdown and hopes training for show will 'shift the pounds'

STRICTLY'S Ranvir Singh has revealed she's put on a stone in lockdown and hopes that training for the show will "shift the pounds".

Earlier this month it was confirmed that the TV presenter, 43, will be dancing her socks off in this years series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Ranvir, who is most known for presenting the likes of ITV's This Morning and Good Morning Britain, opened up about how she feels about joining the cast of 2020.

She's also optimistic that the endless amount of hardcore training will help her shed some of the weight she's put on over the last few months due to staying at home because of Covid-19.

She told Woman's Own magazine: "We don't all have the body confidence of Richard Arnold. The wardrobe department will have their hands in full in more than one way.

"I put on a stone in lockdown so if the training helps shed the pounds maybe I'll become braver as it goes on.

"I'll be glad to get out of my Uggs and puffa jackets! I just hope I can
remember to walk in heels, never mind dance in them."

Speaking about her dance experience, the journalist admitted that her Sikh roots have meant that she's had her fair share of dancing at family gatherings.

But she feels like that's nothing in comparison to what she's about to embark on with her dance partner in a bid to be crowned Queen of the ballroom.

She added: "At Punjabi weddings it's expected everyone gets up and shakes what they've got, so I've grown up with that, but it's a far cry from anything formal.

"I had a few ballet lessons in primary school which was a long time ago. I got grade 1 and that was that."

Ranvir's stint on the 18th series of Strictly will most definitely distract her from her recent split from husband Ranjeet Singh Dehal.

She confirmed that the pair went their separate ways after her Strictly bid was announced on GMB.

Ranvir said she wouldn't mind being struck down by the Strictly curse, and told viewers: "Well, I am single!"

Ranvir and Ranjeet share a son together called Tushaan, who was born in 2012.

Earlier this week it was revealed that she's been struggling with guilt as a single mum as she's started to prepare for her Strictly debut.

"It's hard work being a working single parent," she told Woman and Home magazine.

"I struggle with an enormous amount of guilt with my son and not being there when he goes to school.

"We're very attached to one another because it's just me and him.

"I do get quite tearful sometimes and I worry he's going to hate me when he grows up because I was never there.

"I'm hoping in a few years when he goes to secondary school I'll be able to make more selective decisions about work, so I can be there for him more."

Ranvir says she's not ready to discuss the reasons behind her marriage ending.

But she has revealed finding "something that needed addressing" while looking through a partner's phone.

"I keep my private life private, mainly to protect Tushaan," said Ranvir.

"It's important that he learns things about my decisions from me and not from mums talking at the school gates.

"I think it comes down to how you feel about your own story."In the future, I might feel comfortable talking about more personal things because my experiences could help other people – but I'm not ready yet.

"I'm not ruling it out, but for me there would have to be a wider purpose for discussing it." 



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