Strictly Come Dancing contestant Tom Fletcher has admitted he is starting to feel the pressure to succeed after his fellow bandmate Harry Judd took home the glitterball trophy in 2011.

The 36-year-old musician has been sharing behind the scenes shots from the Strictly set all week as the contestants prepare for the all-important coupling ceremony set to take place on Saturday.

McFly frontman Tom confirmed the joyous news that he would be joining the show last month for the 19th series of the hit BBC dance competition 10 years after his bandmate Harry stole the show with his winning dance moves.

And now, Tom has revealed in an exclusive chat with the Daily Star and other publications that he is trying not to buckle under the added pressure to win as he embarks on his Strictly journey.

He admitted: “I’ve always felt like if I did [Strictly] there would be that added pressure, because Strictly’s been part of McFly life, part of our history and it was an amazing time for our band when he won.

“So, I guess I do feel there’s added pressure to do well but I feel like after 10 years I just want to have a fun experience.

“You only get to do Strictly once. It’s a national treasure this show, and I just want to have the best time and not worry about competing with Harry Judd,” he confessed.

The dad-of-two was a huge support to Harry during his time on the show in 2011, as the blonde heartthrob made the effort to attend as many live performances of the televised competition as possible.

Tom recently revealed he was green with envy while he while he watched the immense amount of fun his friend had while throwing some shapes on the dancefloor and couldn’t wait to take part.

He continued: “Secretly, somewhere deep down, I’ve wanted to do it since my bandmate Harry did it 10 years ago ‘cause I'd watch him every week.

“So, I feel like I had some sort of desire to do it since then,” he confessed.

But it appears as though Harry may not have the best intentions at heart, as the successful singer questioned his seasoned advice from his time on the show.

“I can’t shut [Harry Judd] up about Strictly, I haven’t been able to stop him from talking about Strictly for 10 years,” he joked

“But I don’t know whether I should trust his advice or whether he’s secretly trying to steer me in the wrong direction, ‘cause he’s quite competitive.”

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But even though the blonde hunk has sworn not to let the pressure get the better of him, he admitted that the time was right for the lead guitarist so that he could compete while he was “relatively youthful.”

When asked why Tom wanted to do the show now, he confessed: “I want to do it before I'm too old.

“I already can’t touch my toes and Harry – he's got 10 years on me and he was in much better shape then.

“So, I wanted to do it when I was relatively youthful.”

And fans can’t wait to see how his musical counterpart will match up to his winning bandmate on the Strictly dancefloor as the 19th series kicks off later this week.

Strictly Come Dancing will air on Saturday, September 18 on BBC One

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