We don’t know how Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelorends! Chris Harrison doesn’t know how Peter’s season of The Bachelor ends! Not even Peter himself knows how his season of The Bachelor ends! … But we’ll all find out soon. 

The 28-year-old pilot’s journey to find love officially comes to a close (on TV) on Tuesday night, in part two of his finale. Monday night’s episode saw Madison break up with him following their rocky meeting with his parents (who threw their full support behind the other finalist, Hannah Ann). Madison thought she and Peter weren’t on the same page, and Peter struggled with what to do next. His final date with Hannah Ann went great — but as Chris teased, we haven’t seen the last of Madison. 

Monday’s episode finally revealed who Peter’s mom was crying about, but we still don’t know what bombshell Chris drops as Peter prepares to hand out his final rose. 

After the Women Tell All taping last month, Peter confirmed that things “continue to unfold until the very last second. And I don’t know when that last second occurred.”

ET will be live bogging Tuesday night’s episode. Circle back when it kicks off for live, minute-by-minute updates. 

Peter’s season finale of The Bachelor airs Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. ET’s Lauren Zima will be recapping everything that goes down, directly after the episodes on Monday and Tuesday. Watch ET Live on your Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV or you can stream on Pluto TV and Samsung TV Plus.

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