The new episode of the long-running ABC dating competition series sees the end of a man’s journey after he contracts the virus, much to Gabby’s disappointment.

AceShowbizRachel Recchia and Gabby Windey‘s love journeys continued in a new episode of “The Bachelorette“. The new episode, airing on Monday, August 15, saw the end of one man’s journey due to COVID-19 case.

Logan Palmer, who previously caused a stir after he dumped Rachel for Gabby, started the week with his first group date alongside Gabby’s men. Things, however, went south ahead of the nighttime portion of the date. It was revealed that his stint on the show had to end way too early because he contracted the virus.

Host Jesse Palmer went to Gabby’s room to fill her in on what was going on with Logan. “I know you’re really excited about tonight, but we do have a situation with one of your guys,” Jesse told her. “Logan tested positive for COVID-19. He’s doing fine, but we’re trying to take a real abundance of caution for yourself and the rest of your guys.”

“We have to cancel tonight’s cocktail party. I know how important it was and how much you were looking forward to it with hometowns on the horizon,” he continued.

While she wished Logan well, Gabby shared that she was concerned about her other four remaining men. “I’m feeling really sad. I have four men left and I really needed tonight to help me figure out who was going to hometowns,” she said.

She continued, “There’s kind of a pit in my stomach that I have to make this decision. I’m not sure I’m at a place where I can confidently give a hometown rose to all the guys. I want it to be the right person and I think these couple of weeks is really pivotal. Every second counts. This is actually really scary for the future.”

Later, Jesse told the other guys, Erich Schwer, Jason Alabaster, Johnny DePhillipo and Spencer Swies, that the cocktail party was canceled without revealing what happened to Logan. They were understandably upset because it meant they lost the chance to get more one-on-one time with Gabby ahead of hometown dates.

As for Gabby, she was initially unsure about to whom she would give the roses for hometown dates. At the rose ceremony, she eventually decided to give Erich, Johnny and Jason roses. Spencer was eliminated, joining Nate Mitchell who was sent home earlier in the episode.

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