Every season of The Bachelorette kicks off with suitors meeting the star by coming out of a limo. It might seem random in the order, but there is a secret meaning behind it.

Season 15 starring Hannah Brown just started and she has met her suitors. What does it mean that Garrett Powell was the first to come out the limo? Here is the answer and more.

Garrett Powell was the first to come out the limo

The assistant golf professional was the first to meet Brown in the premiere episode. He is from Birmingham, Alabama so they have the same home state. He said that he hopes to be her “hole in one.”

He also posted a picture of his first time meeting Brown on Instagram with the caption, “Hey girl.. come here often?? Tune in TONIGHT at 8/7c on ABC to see me try to pick up a girl in a cheap suit #thebachelorette #pauldiaz.”

The contestant is a graduate from Mississippi State University and studied professional golf management, according to his Facebook. Golf isn’t his only love since he played football for the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Sean Lowe claimed the first to get out the limo is a strong contender

The order of men who meet the star is established by producers. Whoever is the first one to meet the bachelorette means the producers think the suitor’s chances are strong.

Sean Lowe from Season 17 talked about how this was revealed to him by a producer. He didn’t win Emily Maynard’s heart but he became a fan favorite and a star himself.

“I remember one of the producers said to me [before filming The Bachelorette], ‘You are going to be the first one out of the limo,’” Lowe told Glamour. “I didn’t think much of it. But then he said, ‘Because you are first, everyone here thinks you are going to do well.’ They want to get the show started off on the right foot.”

Powell may be a producer favorite, but it’s still anyone’s game

Things are still early for the season. Powell’s entrance order is a sign that he could be a strong contender, but other men made big strides on the first night.

Brown remembered Luke Parker from when they met at After the Final Rose. His entrance involved him jumping on top of the limo to go beast mode. When Brown was upset about one of the guys having a girlfriend, he was the one to comfort her. That got him a lot of points to where he got the first impression rose.

She also kissed Cam or Cameron Ayala. He got to meet the beauty pageant contestant in the finale as well. Connor S or Connor Saeli also made the big step by kissing her.

So the secret meaning is that Garrett Powell probably has the producers backing him up, but the playing field is still wide open. Fans will have to wait to see how far he’ll actually make it.

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