The Bachelor's Matt James and Tyler Cameron Get Lasik Eye Surgery Together: 'It's Been a Journey'

Friends who Lasik together, stay together.

At least that's the case for The Bachelor's Matt James and Tyler Cameron, who both got Lasik eye surgery this week and documented the entire journey on their respective Instagram Stories.

"No turning back!" upcoming Bachelor James wrote Wednesday morning as the pair of friends headed out to get the operation.

Afterwards, Cameron, 27, shared a clip of himself in sunglasses. "Lasek [sic] surgery was a success," he captioned the video. "Now I need me some pizza."

In his post-op selfie of the two, James, 28, joked, "Send help."

Cameron and James did indeed get some pizza to aid in their recovery, but Cameron remained a bit dazed and confused.

James shared a video of the former Bachelorette contestant walking up to the wrong elevator door, calling him "still blind" and guiding him to the correct door. Cameron later reposted the video, writing, "It's been a journey, but I can now see again."

James lent Cameron a hand again when it came time to put eye drops in following the surgery. "Friends taking care of friends," James wrote alongside a video of the moment.

"This is love right here," Cameron added. "What would I do without Matt?"

The morning after, both reality stars shared pictures of themselves in their protective glasses.

"@tylerjcameron3 and I are HURT!!!! Send help," James captioned a clip of a shirtless Cameron stumbling into his room.

Cameron remained a bit more lighthearted on Thursday morning. "Good morning my friends," he wrote. "How do you like my post op protective glasses?? I'm serving looks."

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