The Big Bang Theory viewers spot major error in sitcom's opening credits – but did you?

THE Big Bang Theory viewers have spotted a major error in the sitcom's opening credits.

Since the series came to an end in 2019 fans have regularly re-watched episodes and spotted numerous blunders.

The latest mistake that has caught the eye of the fans has been right under their noses the entire time.

An eagle-eyed viewer noticed a typo in the opening animated intro, which takes viewers through the birth of the universe.

The fan explained: "During the intro, as the timeline at the bottom of the frame scrolls, ‘91,0009C’ is written instead of ‘91,000BC’.”

They added: "Also, between 1200BC and 1000BC it reads 100100BC instead of 1100BC.”

The now iconic theme song was written specifically for the show by Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies, but only the first verse is used in the intro for The Big Bang Theory.

The song begins: “Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state,” accompanied by a computer generated visualisation of the big bang.

It then continues: “Then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started, wait, The earth began to cool, The autotrophs began to drool.

“Neanderthals developed tools, we built a wall (we built the pyramids), Math, science, history, unravelling the mysteries, That all started with the big bang! Hey!”

Former Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has insisted it was a 'blessing in disguise' when Jim Parsons pulled the plug on the hit sitcom.

She played the bubbly Penny, while Jim Parsons was the highly intelligent Sheldon Cooper, whose lack of social skills was always a focus for laughs.

During an appearance on Tuesday night’s Watch What Happens: Live with Andy Cohen earlier this month, Kaley was asked by a fan: "Were you disappointed when Jim Parsons' decision to leave the show ended The Big Bang Theory, when it could have gone on and on for many more years?"

To which she replied: "No, I think that is what he felt he needed at the time.

"And I think actually, I don’t know if my life would have taken this path if we hadn’t have ended when we did. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise."

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