Not even the studio audience in attendance at last week’s Big Bang Theory finale taping knows how the series ends. As previously noted by TVLine, the May 16 swan song’s very last scene (aka the episode’s “tag”) was pre-taped, and producers opted not to screen it for the standing-room-only crowd of family, friends execs and super-fans. Kunal Nayyar, however, knows exactly what goes down in the mysterious scene. And he’s telling TVLine (albeit with his tongue planted firmly in cheek… we think).

“Only one character dies,” Raj’s portrayer deadpans in the above video interview, shot last Wednesday at the series’ wrap party.

Big Bang Theory: The Final Taping

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Nayyar was slightly more forthcoming (read: serious) when the topic shifted to the fate of lovelorn Raj’s romance with Anu. The actor — steering clear of any/all spoilers — shared that he “loved” the ending they gave to his alter ego. “The writers have been so gentle and careful with the way the show ends,” he added. “We’re saying goodbye to the show, but in the world but [the characters] wake up [the next] morning and go to work, eat Chinese food and hang out and navigate life… I think it’s beautifully done.”

Also in the above Q&A: Nayyar reveals the one thing he will not miss about playing Raj.

The Big Bang Theory‘s one-hour series finale airs Thursday, May 16 on CBS.

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