The Challenge 36’s Nany González initially partnered with Kyle Christie before competing alongside Josh Martinez for several missions. His elimination left her teamed up with Kyle again before she won her gold skull and “stole” Fessy Shafaat as her partner.

However, Nany quickly regretted her decision, a sentiment she expressed several times in her confessionals. In the Mar. 25 official aftershow, Fessy broke down the miscommunication between him and his partner and claimed he didn’t know she felt about their partnership. 

Nany González mainly partnered with Josh Martinez during ‘The Challenge 36’

During The Challenge 36, Kyle Christie and Nany González ended up partnered, but both wanted to switch given the opportunity. After getting blindsided into the first guys’ elimination, Kyle seized his moment and “stole” Kam Williams.

Therefore, her former partner, Josh Martinez, ended up paired with Nany. Neither minded the pairing as they’ve grown into close friends throughout the past few seasons and worked well together.

When CT Tamburello made it known that he wanted to “steal” Josh’s gold skull, his alliance voted together to keep him safe. However, a security breach activated a double male elimination and allowed CT to choose anyone to compete against for their skull.

He selected Josh as planned and ended up beating the Big Brother winner.

Nany didn’t enjoy her partnership with Fessy Shafaat

Following his elimination, Nany found herself back with Kyle. Although they competed fine together, she wanted to swap for Fessy Shafaat as a partner, believing it’s what Josh would have preferred.

However, she quickly regretted her decision. Fessy took off and dove into the water during their first mission together, accidentally kicking her in the face. It caught her off guard, and she couldn’t compose herself, resulting in their disqualification.

In another competition, the contestants had to skydive out of a plane and memorize a puzzle. The team then had to run a half-mile to a podium to recreate the puzzle to win.

When Fessy started running, he went all out and left his partner, annoying her. Nany has complained about her partnership with the former football player several times in her confessionals, calling him a selfish teammate.

Fessy explains miscommunication; says he didn’t know how she felt

During the official aftershow, the Big Brother star explained he attempted to encourage her while they ran but claimed she didn’t want her partner talking to her as they competed.

Fessy also noted he didn’t understand why she felt the way she did because he says he never spoke down to her. Kyle also jumped in and claimed they had no idea Nany felt how she did about their partnerships.

However, Aneesa came to the veteran’s defense and explained the “silent pressure” working alongside Fessy. Additionally, in the Mar. 25 episode of MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, he admitted it was “hard to watch” the episodes and listen to Nany’s commentary about him because he didn’t know how she felt in the house.

The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.

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