For all intents and purposes, the Skywalker saga is supposed to be finished. That was the big to-do about The Rise of Skywalker — it was supposed to wrap up a story that took 42 years to tell. And yet the idea has sprung up that, like an oldies group with a dozen “farewell” tours, Luke Skywalker will reportedly rise again in The Mandalorian

Yes, Luke is supposed to be dead, but in the Mandalorian timeline, Luke Skywalker has not yet perished. So would he appear?  The reflexive answer would seem to be no, but the trailer for season 2 of The Mandalorian suggests this is the way. 

Where did we leave off with ‘The Mandalorian’? 

While fans were busy arguing over whether The Rise of Skywalker stuck the landing or not, most of them seemed to agree that The Mandalorian was a welcome breath of fresh air. Unlike Rise or certainly The Last Jedi, clouds of negativity did not surround The Mandalorian, which seemed to please almost everyone — particularly when it came to Baby Yoda.

The most intense arguments seemed to be whether it was right to call him Baby Yoda or not. Where we stand now, the character is known as The Child and there is no confirmation suggest it is Yoda.

In season 1, which premiered on Disney+ last year when the service itself debuted, we meet a bounty hunter who looks very much like Boba Fett from Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. However, this is someone else, a mercenary who at first is known only as “the Mandalorian.” It’s five years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and he is directed by his client to pick up a package. 

This package turns out to be a child that looks very much like a tiny version of everyone’s favorite Jedi master who speaks in backward phrases. This makes “Mando,” as he is called, very popular, although not in the desired way, as several people interested in the child are hot on his trail. Eventually, Mando is tasked with returning the child to his own kind, and that tantalizing tease is where the first season ended. 

What are the clues that Luke will appear? 

One of the major clues is that Mark Hamill already had a cameo in the first season. According to Deadline, in the fifth episode of the series, the Mandalorian goes to the cantina on Tatooine where Luke and Obi-Wan first met Han Solo. In that scene, the droid bartender has the voice of Hamill, whose other claim to fame is doing voice work for a multitude of projects, particularly the Joker in the Batman animated series.

However, viewers have spotted clues in the trailer that they think hint at an appearance by Mark Hamill in the flesh. Inverse points out that the season is being presented as a hunt for the Jedi – and any hunt for the Jedi would certainly include its most famous member at the time. 

The trailer also shows what looks like an X-wing fighter, the kind of craft that Luke flew. Certainly, an X-wing doesn’t automatically mean Luke, but Inverse writes, “Would he hop in an X-wing and chase down Mando to figure out the mystery of Baby Yoda? When you think about it like that, it’s almost weirder if Luke isn’t involved with this season.”

Where did we leave off with Luke Skywalker? 

Since The Mandalorian takes place shortly after the fall of the Empire, this means checking in with Luke after he laid his father to rest. Those who only follow the movies know that by the time the sequel trilogy starts, Luke has gone into hiding after his failure with Ben Solo, who became Kylo Ren. 

So what happened to Luke in the time frame of The Mandalorian, which takes place long before Luke breaks? With OG Yoda gone, he is the proverbial last Jedi, so he’s trying to gain as much knowledge as he can about the order.  Were he to cross paths with “the child,” that would certainly pique his interest — although that would seem to warrant more than a cameo. We’ll find out after The Mandalorian returns Oct. 30.  

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