'The Queen's Gambit' Is First Program to 3-Peat Atop Nielsen's Streaming Ratings

Check and mate


“The Queen’s Gambit” has paid off for Netflix. The limited series is the first program to 3-peat atop Nielsen’s list of the Top 10 streaming programs.

From Nov. 9, 2020 through Nov. 15, 2020, “Queen’s Gambit” had 1.373 billion minutes viewed, according to Nielsen.

The prior week, Nov. 2-Nov. 8, it had 1.455 billion minutes viewed.

In its first week at No. 1, “The Queen’s Gambit” had 1.850 billion minutes viewed. (The week prior, the one-season series ranked 10th with 550 million minutes viewed — and that only really counted its opening weekend.)

All of this with just seven episodes.

“The Office” was runner-up each of those weeks.

“The Queen’s Gambit” follows chess prodigy Beth Harmon, who was orphaned at 9-years-old, in 1960s America.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Harmon, though not as a young child. The earliest years are played by Annabeth Kelly, and then Isla Johnston takes over.

“Queen’s Gambit” also stars Bill Camp, Marcin Dorocinski, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, among others.

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