The Repair Shop guest emotional as he talks about memories

The Repair Shop expert Will Kirk got emotional after one guest broke down in tears as he explained why he was in the iconic barn.

Quenton and his stepson Tim brought in an old bee ornament which was brought by Quenton’s grandson Miles, who tragically died at the age of 15.

As he presented Brenton and Will with the garden ornament, Quenton explained: “He bought it for me and [he] brought it around and he used to call me Gramps so this is Gran-bee.

“It’s been out in the garden since he bought it in 2014. and of course, the elements have got to it and that’s that, it is very special.”

The guest began to break down in tears as he tried to explain why the item meant so much to him.

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“The reason is…,” he tried to say as his choked back tears.

Tim chipped in as his stepdad could’t continued, he said: “About 18 months ago Myles was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, which is a very, very aggressive bone cancer and subsequently he had his leg amputated.

“And he was a really sporty kid, so it was horrible to see him go through it but he did it like everything he did in life, with gusto and full on and, ‘I’m gonna beat this’ and unfortunately he lost the battle with cancer. He was 15.”

Will looked very emotional as he asked: “When did Miles pass away?”

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Quenton said Miles died three months ago, as he went on: “I just want people to know and to be aware of what Miles went through.”

He struggled to fight back tears as he added: “He was a tremendous kid, and if I can highlight and help anyone else, brilliant, but this is just for Miles.”

The guest went on to share Miles’ backstory, telling the experts how he used to compete in sporting competitions all over the world.

Quenton shared: “We went to Paris, Germany, we went to Holland for football and the roller hockey.

“It was like the three amigos… three generations together. It was just so lovely.”

Turning his attention to his beloved item, Quenton said the garden bee ornament has become the “most important thing” in his life.

“I’d like you to make it look brand new for me,” he pleaded to Brenton. “Back together again.”

As Quenton and Tim left the barn, Will was overcome with emotion as he simply said: “Wow, I am speechless.”

The Repair Shop is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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