This Mornings Phil and Holly left in awe over bikini-clad female bodybuilders

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby couldn't get enough of a pair of female bodybuilders who came into the studio on Wednesday's episode.

Strutting their ripped physiques through the This Morning studio, the bodybuilders spoke about why they enjoy pushing their bodies to the limit.

As the sculpted women stepped onto the set, the co-presenters couldn't take their eyes off of their muscles.

Holly said, "Look at you, it’s just incredible!"

The host wasn't just staring at their toned physiques, she admitted she also wanted to get her hands on the bodybuilder's crown.

When they entered Holly said, "I’m so jealous of your crown."

Holly also admitted she doesn't know much about bodybuilding, "For me, this is a relatively new thing."

Phil added that the girls looked, "Fantastic and strong."

He also noted, "You have to give up an awful lot to do it."

The This Morning host wasn't wrong as the girls admitted that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Holly was most surprised when she found that one of the muscly duo was not only a mother but also a grandmother.

Sounding exasperated Holly said, "How do you find the time?"

The bodybuilder revealed she has a dedicated husband and a family who share her interest in fitness, so she manages to achieve a balance.

As Phil and Holly grilled the girls about whether they are promoting a healthy body image, the bodybuilders were quick to defend their lifestyle.

One added, "We never eat below 1000 calories a day."

The other revealed on most days she eats 3000 calories.

They concurred, "It's a lot about body positivity and it's very achievable for women.

"It’s about being the best that you can be and showcasing that on stage."

Holly wasn't just admiring the girls' bodies, but she also eyed up their glittery bikinis.

She said, "I'm rethinking my holiday shopping."

The host clearly has holidays on her mind as she got excited earlier in the show after announcing Turks and Caicos had been put on the Covid Green List earlier today.

The women revealed that they spend thousands on their bikinis to ensure they look their best on competition day.

Phil finished the segment by looking at their girls' bikinis and joking, "And we were rumbling it was cold earlier on!"

Holly added, "We can't say anything now."

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