Tipping Point to broadcast late this week in major ITV schedule shake-up

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Tipping Point episodes will be cut short this week as episodes will air later in a huge ITV schedule shake-up.

Television presenter Ben Shephard usually hosts the popular competition from 4pm until 5pm every weekday, but things will be different for the rest of this week.

Starting from tomorrow (Tuesday 16th), the episodes will begin at 4.30pm and finish at 5pm.

Instead of the usual episodes, ITV is airing Tipping Point's "Best Ever Finals", which will showcase some of the most dramatic finishes from over the years.

The change of schedule is due to ITV's Cheltenham Festival.

Tipping Point isn't the only show that's been affected as Loose Women won't be on at all from Tuesday until next week.

ITV's Cheltenham show begins at 1pm and finishes at 4.30pm.

Tipping Point fans will be pleased to know that the show will return to its regularly 4pm slot from Monday (March 22).

Friday's iconic episode of the show saw Ben Shephard left stunned as he claimed a player 'made Tipping Point history' with her controversial decision.

Jacqui was one of four players taking part in the show as she competed against Brian, Mani and Abby in a bid to win mega money.

During her turn, she decided to pass a counter to her fellow player Brian, which left her missing out on a staggering £450.

Jacqui had managed to bag several counters, but sadly she didn't manage to push any coins over the machine's edge with them.

She then decided to pass her next counter to Brian, but this was a risky move as the machine had plenty of coins close to the edge.

Unfortunately for Jacqui, Brian put the coin in and knocked a staggering nine counters across the Tipping Point.

A stunned Ben remarked: "That is one of the most generous passes in Tipping Point history."

Viewers went into meltdown on Twitter, outraged over the player's move that cost her her place in the competition.

One said: "WHY JACQUI ????"

While another penned: "Why would Jacqui pass the counter? She didn't have to do that".

"No Jacqui, NOOOOOO…..", penned a third.

Tipping Point airs at a later time of 4.30pm tomorrow on ITV.

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