Tom Hardy and wife Charlotte Riley get rude awakening when car ploughs into front of his house – The Sun

HOLLYWOOD hardman Tom Hardy had a rude awakening when a car ploughed into the front of his house.

The out-of-control vehicle tore down part of the boundary wall and iron security gate at the Venom star’s mansion in south-west London on Saturday night.

The loss of the gate will come as a shock to Tom, 42, and his actress wife Charlotte Riley, 37, who were planning a move to the country last year to avoid a stalker.

A neighbour said: “It happened late on Saturday night. There was a lot of commotion and the police came, but apparently it was just an accident.

“Tom and Charlotte will not be happy because the damage is quite extensive and it leaves their home very exposed.”

Builders were seen repairing the damage outside the property in leafy Richmond today.

A team of workmen in high-vis outfits patched up a hole in the front of the wall and rebuilt the gate post, which had been completely knocked over.

Another neighbour said: "I heard a noise on Saturday night but I didn't think anything of it until I saw the damage in the morning – the entire gate post was flattened.

"They're quite security conscious so I don't think they were pleased happy to be without a working gate for a number of days.

"I spoke to Charlotte about it earlier in the week and she said they think it was joyriders.

"Its very annoying for them, but at least they managed to get it fixed up quickly."

In an interview last year, Peaky Blinders star Tom warned he would “beat the f***ing sh**” out of anyone he caught taking photos of his kids Louis, 10, a four-year-old whose name he has never revealed, and baby Forest, aged 11 months.

Last week it emerged Tom and Charlotte have been under siege from Pokemon GO players who huddle outside their front garden with smartphones and tablets.

Security at their £3.4million mansion has been boosted while they fix the gate.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirmed there had been a “single-vehicle RTC” at Hardy’s address on Saturday night but no arrests were made.

Hardy is producing a new three-part adaptation of A Christmas Carol, which starts on BBC1 on December 22.

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