Too Hot To Handle: Harry Jowsey proposes to Francesca Farago

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Too Hot To Handle season two recently ended and Netflix has just released the reunion special featuring all the couples. Things got heated during the show and the high energy wasn’t lowered during the reunion. But what happened in the reunion special?

Warning: This story contains spoilers for season two

What happened in the season 2 reunion?

Following the release of all 10 episodes of Too Hot To Handle season two, Netflix wasted no time in releasing the reunion special.

This new episode brought all the contestants together to look back on the season and catch up with each other.

When the season ended, it was Marvin that took home the $55,000 (£40,000) prize, narrowly beating Cam and Carly for the number one spot.

When the season came to a close, Marvin and Melinda were together, however, things have changed as the reunion revealed they have since split.

Despite the breakup and a planned trip to Mexico never happening, the pair are still on “good terms,” according to Melinda.

In the reunion, the star explained: “We were supposed to be in Mexico, that is correct. I booked the Airbnb, I had things planned but, of course, Marvin and I did get into an argument. That is true.

“But, he could have put his big boy pants on and still came. But, he decided to cancel his whole flight. The day that he was supposed to come, I was trying to text him. He was ignoring my texts.”

Instead, Marvin ended up going to Mexico with his fellow co-star Chase and now he and Melinda won’t be reuniting again.

The pair did admit to an attraction still, with Marvin saying “we’ll see,” on the possibility of getting back together.

Fans loved the news that Cam and Emily are still together and during the episode, they even announced that they were now living together.

Cam shared: “We have literally been inseparable since we got home. So, we came home and she came to mine for a bit. Then, I basically packed everything up and moved in with Em.

“We’re now living together. We literally haven’t spent many days apart since the show… We’re essentially like a little married couple now.”

The two then joked that marriage was the next step, with Emily adding: “Wedding bells are definitely on the cards.”

Cam joked: “I need to be thinking about that.”

Larissa also made the surprise reveal that she has a new boyfriend after leaving the show early during season two.

Her new boyfriend is a doctor, with Larissa saying: “We’re a bit of a power couple.”

However, things haven’t wrapped up yet for Tabitha, Carly, Chase and Joey, with all of them still being single after the show.

Chase tried to rekindle a spark after he wrote a love letter to Tabitha following the show, but the pair are held apart through distance.

Joey and Carly have been keeping things casual following the show, staying in frequent contact, and getting together on and off.

Finally, Nathan and Elle are just friends after the season, despite their intimate time together in the villa.

Nathan said: “Elle’s stopped texting me back.”

Yet, the two are still good friends, with Nathan also admitting that he is still “good friend” with Larissa after the drama of the season.

Too Hot To Handle is available to watch on Netflix.

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