Demi Sims has revealed that Pete Wicks has been in love with her older sister, Chloe Sims for years.

On The Only Way Is Essex ’s The Official After Party, Bobby Norris quizzed Demi to see if she thought Chloe and Pete’s relationship would stand the test of time.

In the revealing discussion, Bobby asked: “Dem’s, Pete and Chlo, can they make it as a couple?”

After a slight pause to gather her thoughts, Chloe responded: “Do you know what? I do think that they could.

"They get along so well and I genuinely think that they are in love with each other – they have been for years."

In spite of their shared love, Demi disclosed that the only issue that could crop up to ruin their happily ever after is Pete’s commitment issues.

Demi continued: “It’s just, I’m not gonna put the blame on Pete here, but I do think he has got commitment issues, in which he openly says as well – and it’s not just with Chloe, it’s like with anyone.

“Like he literally can’t have a relationship, he just physically can’t have one and, unfortunately, that is what’s getting in the way of them.”

Yet, Pete has now revealed his latest ink, a tattoo on his left wrist that spells out “Chloe” to show his love for his fellow TOWIE star.

The 40 year old covered her face with her hands in shock, as she exclaimed: "How have I not noticed that? Oh my god! That is so nice!"

Pete, 33, went on to gush about Chloe, as he declared: "The point of that is, you do mean everything to me and for anyone else who feels like I don't or for anyone you feel like I've not justified this to, I do love you to bits."

His emotional speech moved Chloe to tears, as he added: "I do love you to bits, you know that – I would be lost without you."

The touching tattoo and declaration of love comes days after fans were convinced that Chloe and Pete would only ever be ‘friends with benefits’ after Chloe opened her heart and admitted she loved him.

The couple dated on-and-off for two years and broke up last year, but Chloe, a mum of one, has hinted that it was “ right person wrong time” for them.

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