TOWIE star James Lock is raffling his amazing £90k Bentley GTC convertible car to raise money for homeless charity Crisis.

The reality star, 33, took to social media to give his fans a chance to win his flashy motor in a charity raffle.

The TV hunk gave his followers a glimpse of the interiors including heated and cooling seats, built in sat nav, parking camera and neck warmers.   

The car also boasts of touchscreen features, a TV, black and white leather seats, 21 inch alloys and massage seats.

Sharing a snap of his beloved wheels, the star wrote: “Guys, for a chance to win my stunning Black Bentley GTC Convertible! Tickets are only £8.99. Enter now.

“Everything in this car is heated, everything is electric, everything is handmade and everything is hand stitched!”

James will be donating some of the money to the homeless charity Crisis, he added: “55p from each ticket sold is being donated to Crisis Charity.”

The Towie favourite later teased his fans saying that he will personally drop the car off to one lucky winner.

Sharing a video of his wheels, James said: “Here it is a stunning Bentley convertible, just over 24,000 miles. I’m the second owner of this beautiful motor.It’s virtually brand spanking new, it’s got everything.

“Can you believe that one lucky person is going to win this car for only £8.99 and for the lucky winner I will personally come and drop this car off to you.”

Fans flocked to comment, with one writing: “Amazing car, I want it James.”

Another posted: “Dream car! I want a ticket.”

A third said: “Tickets bought, you’ve got to be in it to win it.”

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, James revealed last week that he has ditched partying partying and booze in a bid to rescue his rocky relationship with girlfriend Yazmin Oukhellou.

The lothario has swapped wild nights out for morning meditation in a last ditch effort to save his romance.

James insisted: "I'm a changed man; I've realised I need to grow up and be a man not a boy.

"It has been a long time coming but I am ready to settle down, I can’t be the party boy anymore – Yaz and I have both quit the booze and are on a detox for our relationship.

"I've also started to meditate for ten minutes every morning. I've also started listening to positive thinking and inspirational podcasts, It really does clear my head and mind and makes me feel so much better.

The pair only recently got back together after splitting in August 2019 over claims he had cheated while they were on a romantic holiday together in Turkey.

"I can be a very passionate and irate person so this just helps me to chill out a bit and to be calmer. Moving forward I want to focus on Yaz, my own mental health, and business. Those are my three priorities now."

The on/ off couple reconciled in July of this year after 11 months apart – and while Lockie has denied cheating he did admit to "taking the piss" with Yaz.

He told us: "I wasn't being a respectful boyfriend and that's why we broke up.

"I have come back a changed man, I know what is important and what I want.

"We have a different aura around us at the moment. Everyone can tell we are different.

"Her jealousy is not there anymore because I'm treating her right – I admit I was taking the piss before."

Despite things being good for the couple at the moment, the Essex boy went on to confess that this is going to be their last attempt at a romance.

He explained: "If it doesn't work this time we will have to call it quits.

"We can't keep flogging a dead horse, although this time I honestly believe it will last.”

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