Welcome To Eden: Official Netflix trailer

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Netflix has dropped its chilling new dystopian drama series Welcome To Eden which sees a group of young people invited to a remote island. After partying hard, those wearing blue bracelets are invited to try a drink called Eden Blue, which sees them suddenly left all alone on the desert island paradise unable to escape from the supposed idyll.

Welcome To Eden falls into a dark vein akin to Black Mirror and Squid Game as the characters try to figure out why they are on this island.

The entire season was dropped on Netflix on May 6 and many viewers have binged through all eight episodes.

The show was filmed on location in Spain including Teruel, Lanzarote and San Sebastián.

Express.co.uk takes a look at the cast of the Spanish drama and where you may have seen them before.

Who is in the cast of Welcome To Eden?

Astrid – Amaia Salamanca

Taking on the role of the enigmatic Astrid, who seems to be a key player on Eden and may be running proceedings, is veteran star Amaia Salamanca.

Hailing from Madrid, her biggest credits include Grand Hotel and Sin tetas no hay paraíso.

According to IMDb, she has a slew of projects in the works including Dos años y un día, El Gerente, and The Man from Rome.

Bel – Begoña Vargas

Begoña Vargas takes on the part of Bel and the actress is likely to familiar from her role in the period series High Seas in which she played Verónica de García.

She has also starred in The Laws of the Border, 32 Malasana Street and Centaur.

Claudia – Berta Vázquez

Ukrainian actress Berta Vázquez portrays Claudia, one of the younger girls caught up on the island and trying to figure out the truth.

She has also appeared in Locked Up, Palm Trees in the Snow, and El accidente.

África – Belinda Peregrín

Former child star and pop princess Belinda Peregrín portrays África with the actress also starring in the Hollywood movie Baywatch as well as credits in Camaleons, Cómplices al rescate and Aventuras en el tiempo.

Welcome To Eden marks the Mexican-Spanish sing-songwriter’s biggest acting part to date.

Zoa – Amaia Aberasturi

Amaia Aberasturi is Zoa and the star’s previous projects have included Coven, The Age of Anger, Nora and 45 rpm.

Maika – Lola Rodríguez

Up-and-coming star Lola Rodríguez takes on the part of Maika with the role being one of her biggest.

She previously appeared in Veneno and Polyamory for Dummies, and will be next appearing in Vestidas de azul.

Orson – Mike Manning

American actor and producer Mike Manning plays Orson with the star not stranger to screens.

The Emmy winner’s other big roles include Cloud 9, Teen Wolf, and The Manny.

Aldo – Albert Baró

Albert Baró plays Aldo after parts in Serve and Protect, Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza, and Yrreal.

Roberta – Blanca Romero

Blanca Romero takes on the role of Roberta after parts in L’isola, The End, Physics or Chemistry, and Under Suspicion.

Brenda – Claudia Trujillo

Claudia Trujillo is Brenda and audiences may have seen the star before in Amazon Prime’s Hanna, Terminator: Dark Fate and she will next be in the TV series Vampire Academy.

Other cast members include Guillermo Pfening as Erik, Sergio Momo as Nico, and Ana Wagener as Brisa.

Welcome To Eden is streaming on Netflix now

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