Wes Nelson thinks Sherif Lanre FOUGHT with Love Island producers and says there's 'zero tolerance for aggressive behaviour' in villa

FORMER Love Island star Wes Nelson thinks Sherif Lanre got kicked off the show after fighting with producers.

The 22-year-old, who appeared on the show last year, revealed there is “zero tolerance for aggressive behaviour” in the villa as he opened up about the chef’s shock exit.

Speaking on Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden he said: "I don't know why he's left, but my best guess would be fighting or arguing with the producers and getting aggressive. That's zero tolerance.

"If you get aggressive or try to be intimidating or get in someone's face, that's zero tolerance."

The star went on to reveal the contestants must adhere to a long list of rules, which might come as a surprise to viewers.

He said: "There is a lot. You can't talk about previous series, or anything the has ever happened on a previous series.

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