IF LIKE us you were hooked on the first series of ITV's Grace, you'll be pleased the show is back for more.

The two-hour episode received rave reviews, and told the tale of a stag do prank that goes horribly wrong.

What happened in Grace series one?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from Grace series one.

Well what a grisly tale series one was.

It all started with what seemed like a stag do prank that went wrong, when property developer Michael was buried alive by his friends as a joke.

But things took a turn for the worst when the four men who left the groom in the shallow grave, were then killed themselves in a car crash.

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Here’s what we know so far about the next episode of Grace

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This meant Michael was trapped underground and no one knew he was there – or did they?

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace joined the case and started to unravel a much more sinister plot, than just a joke gone wrong.

It turned out his best mate, and business partner, Mark, who didn't go to the stag do, actually had orchestrated him being buried alive so that he could kill him, steal all his money and run off with his bride-to-be Ashley.

But little did he know, that he was being double-crossed himself by Ashley and she was working with an Irish man called Vic, who then killed Mark.

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It then turned out Ashley and Vic had taken Michael out of the grave and left him to die in a derelict house.

The pair then planned to flee the country, but when they realised Grace was on to them, Ashley killed Vic and tried to pretend he had been attacking her.

Grace didn't believe a word she said and she soon confessed to Michael's kidnap and wanting to run off with his money.

In the end, Michael was found alive and rushed to hospital

What will happen in series two?

Looking Good Dead

In the first film, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace suspects the sudden death of a former schoolteacher found in suspicious circumstances in a respectable Brighton backwater may not be the drugs overdose it first appears.

And, when human remains are discovered in a Sussex crop field, Grace and Detective Sergeant Glenn Branson are drawn into an investigation that will test their abilities and their friendship to breaking point.

Not Dead Enough

The second film sees Grace and Branson investigating the murder of wealthy socialite and patron of local charities, Katya Bishop, wife of a prominent Brighton entrepreneur, played by Arthur Darvill, who becomes the main suspect in the investigation.

The Bishops seem to have led a charmed life, until Grace digs deeper behind the respectable facade and discovers all is not what it seems.

Doing so, however, places him unknowingly in grave danger.

Dead Man’s Footsteps

In Dead Man’s Footsteps, Grace leads the inquiry into the discovery of a woman’s skeletal remains in an old storm drain, believed to be the wife of a failed Brighton conman, who died several years prior in a plane crash.

Grace must re-trace the man's steps in the years before his death, which leads him on a murky trail through the world of Brighton's oldest crime families but it’s not only on the professional front that Roy is chasing ghosts.

Dead Tomorrow

When in Dead Tomorrow a body is dredged up from the seabed of the English Channel it initially appears a burial at sea gone wrong, but a strange incision on the victim soon points to something very sinister.

When two more bodies are found, news spreads like wildfire through Sussex and Grace begins to unearth that this is part of an altogether more chilling design, one which forces him to confront the question of just how far anyone would go to save the ones they love.

When is the next episode of Grace on TV?

ITV Grace continues on Sunday April 30, 2022 at 8pm.

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Unlike usual ITV dramas, the episode lasts for 2 hours and will end at 10pm.

After each episode has aired you can watch them on the ITV Hub.

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