Eurovision: Lesley Roy performs at semi final

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Eurovision brings together countries from around the world to celebrate their unique and inspiring music. Each year, just one song can win the show, but some have proven to be more popular than others. What have been the most successful songs in Eurovision history?

What have been the most successful Eurovision songs?

Each year Eurovision fans get to vote on the song they want to win the contest, giving the winning song a massive boost in popularity.

Often, it is hard to know what comes of these songs following the show, with many often making the charts for a few weeks then reappearing during next year’s show.

However, many of these songs have a much longer life, with dedicated fans of the music.

Buzz Bingo has analysed the data provided by Spotify streams of every song ever performed in the competition.

This was done to determine which songs, artists and countries are the most popular and to work out who has earned the most money through the royalties.

The Netherlands won 2019’s contest with Duncan Laurence performing the song Arcade, the song was streamed on Spotify 319,518,332 times since it debuted two years ago, worth £1,086,362.

Italy’s 2019 song Soldi, sang by Mahmood, came in second, with 177,529,613 streams, taking in royalties worth £603,600.

In third was Sweden’s Mans Zelmerlow from 2015 who performed Heroes, receiving 125,757,130 streams and £427,574.

Overall Sweden took most of the top spots, with four of the top 10 most streamed songs going to the country.

1974’s Waterloo by ABBA came in fourth, with Frans in fifth and Sanna Nielsen in 10th, all from Sweden.

The UK failed to make it into the top 10, with Bucks Fizz’s Making Your Mind Up from 1981 being the highest entry.

Buzz Bingo also compiled all countries’ songs to combine their stream count to see which country was the most popular at Eurovision.

Once again, Sweden was leading the pack, taking the top spot with 706,738,336 combined total steams for all Eurovision final songs.

The Netherlands came in second, following by Italy, Spain and Norway, rounding out the top five.

Germany, Cyprus, France Denmark and Israel completed the top 10 for most streamed songs.

The UK came in 13th, with 58,338,969 total streams for final songs.

Taking the bottom spot for most streamed songs was Ireland’s The Duskeys with their 1982 track, prophetically titled, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.

The song has been streamed 6,253 times which equates to the total royalties estimated at £12.68.

Also in the bottom five are Cyprus’s Lia Vissi, Belgium’s Fud Leclerc, Switzerland’s Anita Traversi and again, Ireland with Maria Christian.

The UK’s least streamed song is Rikki with Only the Light from 1987, hitting just 4,948 streams worth £43.99 in royalties.

Eurovision is available to watch May 20 and May 22 on BBC Four and BBC One.

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