JESSICA Hynes has taken on many roles in her career – she featured in Channel 4 comedy Hang Ups and starred as a whacky Crystal Maze character.

Here is the lowdown on the multi-talented actress who just scooped the Best Female Comedy Performance gong at the 2019 TV Bafta Awards…

Who is Jessica Hynes?

Jessica Hynes is a 44-year-old comedian, writer and actress who has become known for her string of successful roles on British TV.

The star was raised in Brighton, however has roots in Lewisham, East London, and attended the National Youth Theatre as a teenager.

Across her career, she has won a Bafta, TV Baftas and two British Comedy Awards for her work, including Best Female Comedy Newcomer for sitcom The Royle Family in 1999.

She married husband Adam Hynes in 2002 and they have three children together.

In 2007, she decided to officially change her stage name to Jessica Hynes from her original stage name, Jessica Stevenson.

Where would I recognise Jessica from?

Jessica is associated with some of the best known comedies from the past twenty years – getting her most notable breakthrough as next door neighbour Cheryl in BBC's The Royle Family.

One of her most recognised role to date is in the cult Channel 4 favourite, Spaced – which she co-wrote and starred in alongside Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg in 1999.

In the show, she played Daisy, a down on her luck and perpetually lazy writer who fakes being in a relationship with Tim (Simon Pegg) in order to secure a flat.

Since then, she has had both dramatic and comedic roles, mainly with the BBC, with story arcs, leading roles and acting credits in Doctor Who, Twenty Twelve and Crackanory.

Jessica has also appeared in films including Shaun of the Dead, the Bridget Jones trilogy and Swallows, W1A and Amazons.

She starred in the star-studded Channel 4 comedy, Hang Ups and the BBC Four comedy-dram There She Goes alongside David Tennant.

Who did Jessica play in Crystal Maze?

TV geek Richard Ayoade was officially announced as the new Maze Master for the series reboot.

The comedian found fame through his role in popular British programmes, including the Mighty Boosh and The IT Crowd.

Contestants of The Crystal Maze are challenged to navigate themselves through a labyrinth of tasks.

They pick up time crystals as they pass through each of the four zones – Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic – which they need to use in the final mission.

Jessica plays The Knight, guardian of the Medieval Zone, who presents a major challenge to any foolhardy crystal collector wanting to get past.

Comedian Adam Buxton is a character called Jarhead, a bodyless figure who lives in the Futuristic Zone, and asks contestants to answer riddles.


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