CHLOE Ferry quickly shot to fame in Geordie Shore where she starred alongside her now ex Sam Gowland.

But the feisty pair have decided to call it quits and it's started to get messy with accusations involving Love Island star Amber Davies being branded about . Here's what we know…

Who is Chloe Ferry?

Chloe Ferry, 23, is from Newcastle.

She shot to fame after joining the cast of Geordie Shore in series 10, in  November 2014, quickly becoming a fan favourite.

She got along with her partner in crime Nathan Henry and has been getting "mortal" ever since.

Chloe then moved on to another reality show, Ex On The Beach, and caused carnage in the Bali villa.

What happened in the split with Sam Gowland?

Chloe and Sam first started dating in October 2017, and announced their split in May of this year.

In August 2019 Chloe and Sam Gowland finally called it quits on their relationship.

The Sun Online then revealed that he had romped with a mystery Love Island star the following day.

The Geordie Shore star then accused Love Island star Amber Davies of sleeping with Sam just a day after their split.

Chloe shared screenshots of Sam's messages to Amber – claiming that they prove the pair had sex one day after she and Sam split.

She had previously broken down on social media, sobbing as she detailed finding "evidence" that had left her "really, really hurt".

While weeping, Chloe also revealed that Sam had been messaging other girls while they were still in a sexual relationship – and that both Amber and Sam had denied having sex when she confronted them in the past.

Amber and Sam have strongly denied Chloe's accusations, insisting that they have only ever been good friends – and a source telling us that the Love Island beauty had been left "horrified" by the public accusation.

The actress then came under fire when she revealed that she'd been "crying for hours" to Sam following Chloe's outburst.

Amber was forced to defend herself as followers accused her of rubbing Chloe's face in their relationship, with Amber going on to slam "manipulative" Chloe for making the shock claims.

What has Chloe said about Amber Davies?

On August 17, 2019, Chloe shared screenshots of Sam's messages to Amber – claiming that they prove the pair had sex one day after she and Sam split.

Chloe shared Whatsapp messages between Sam and Amber promising to not be "weird" with each other and still be mates after they allegedly had sex behind Chloe's back.

"U gunna stop ignoring us on insta. U don't want what happened before to change out daft arse! I'm good mates with ya (sic)," a message sent by Sam in July reads.

"Course we are still mates!!" Amber replies.

"Good! Just don't want it been weird or differnt or out Amba there's no need for it to. If I see 'seen' one more time on ya insta story after I messaged ya am gunna kill ya,(sic)" Sam says.

This came a day after Chloe took to social media to tell her followers about finding out something that

has "really, really" hurt her.

In between sobs, Chloe spoke about Amber, saying: "I believed her for so long, that it wasn't true, but I had my doubts.

"One day after we broke up, you had sex with her… I looked at the laptop and it's f***ing true!

"He's making me look like a bad person.

"Basically, Sam and Amber lied to us because I found messages on the laptop… Do I have 'mug' on my f***ing head?!"

She continued: "Not only have I found messages on Sam's laptop that he has been messaging other people while we have been in bed together, I also found out the day after we finished he had sex with Amber Davies.

"Literally so soul-destroying, it hurts so much.

"What an idiot I am."

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, a source revealed that Amber had been left "horrified" by Chloe's claims.

The insider told us: "There is no truth to this at all. Sam and Amber are horrified that Chloe is making these claims publicly as it isn't true.

"Sam and Amber are nothing more than friends and they haven't ever been more than that."

When did Chloe Ferry start dating Sam Gowland?

Chloe started dating Sam Gowland in October 2017.

He starred in the 2017 series of Love Island and briefly dated fellow islander Georgia Harrison.

Sam met Chloe when he joined the cast of Geordie Shore.

In October 2018, Chloe posted a series of tweets which sparked rumours that the pair had split up – but they stayed together until August 2019 when they decided to call it quits.

The couple were even set to release their own spin off reality TV show following their daily lives together.

What other shows has Chloe Ferry been in?

Geordie Shore isn't the only reality TV show Chloe has been on – before she entered the house she was also on BBC Three's Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents.

The show was aired in June 2015 and they followed Chloe around while she and a friend partied in Bulgaria's most popular resort, Sunny Beach, on their first girls' holiday.

In 2017 she starred in Celebrity Big Brother and shocked viewers with her frequent nudity.

She was evicted in week one after facing the public vote against Kim Woodburn, Coleen Nolan and Jedward.

Who else has Chloe Ferry dated?

Chloe Ferry previously dated her fellow Geordie Shore cast member Marty McKenna.

In 2016 he said they were "soul mates" but later that year he branded her "the biggest attention seeker" he'd ever met.

After this she briefly dated Towie's Jon Clarke but she dumped him after she caught him texting another girl. 

As well as Marty, Chloe has also had sex with her other fellow Geordie Shore co-star Scotty T and has often been seen kissing her best friend Marnie Simpson. 

In another episode of the hit MTV show she also ended up in bed with Charlotte Crosby after a boozy night out.

What's Chloe Ferry said about body dysmorphia?

On October 16, 2018, Chloe revealed she is suffering from body dysmorphia after splashing out £50,000 on plastic surgery.

Speaking to Closer magazine, the reality star said she thinks having plastic surgery has actually made her feel worse about her body.

She explained: "It's ever since I started having surgery that I've felt like this, and maybe after some of the negative comments.

"I didn't have body dysmorphia before Geordie Shore, I would say it's happened since I started getting surgery – I think that's what created it."

Vowing to stop altogether, for the sake of her mental health, she added: "I'm never having any more. People think I've had loads of surgery but I haven't."

Chloe has spent £50k on her appearance over the years, including two nose jobs, boob implants, a bum lift, and regular fillers.

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