Who is Monica Rambeau in Wandavision and what are her powers?

FANS have been waiting for Monica's powers to be revealed in Disney's WandaVision,

It's finally started to happen, and fans have dubbed her transformation as the "coolest origin sequence" in Marvel's history.

Who is Monica Rambeau in Wandavision?

Monica first appears in Wandavision under the name of Geraldine, a Westview resident.

When Wanda first runs into Geraldine, she spots Geraldine's necklacewhich bears the S.W.O.R.D logo. 

From her first appearance on the show, fans were convinced that Geraldine is act Monica, daughter of Captain Marvel character Maria Rambeau – and they were proved right in episode seven.

Fro those unfamiliar with the Marvel comic, S.W.O.R.D. is an an anti-terrorist organization that fights supernatural forces.

What are Monica Rambeau's powers?

Rambeau can transform herself into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. This means she can be complete invisible and can fly at light-speed.

She is also able to summon energy blasts from her hands to use against enemies

Monica Rambeau is a familiar character to Marvel fans. She appears in the Marvel comic books, in which she was introduced as the second Captain Marvel.

Rambeau was also part of the Avengers, and even lead the team for a while in battles against the X-Men, the Olympian Gods, and the Super-Adaptoid.

She has been known as Photon, Pulsar and Spectrum, as of 2013.

In the comics, her power came from an energy disruptor weapon, but in Disney's Wandavision, it seems Monica gains her superpowers as a result of travelling in and out of Wanda's Westview and its energy boundaries.

WandaVision episode 6 saw Monica Rambeau emerge into Westview with glowing blue eyes and heightened vision.

One user tweeted: "Huge congratulations to Monica Rambeau for having the coolest origin sequence in the entire MCU. Photon is here. #WandaVision"

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