Who left Bake Off 2020 last night?

THE Great British Bake Off is well over halfway through now – and week seven saw another baker's journey came to an end.

The latest episode saw the contestants cooking 80s inspired food – but for one baker it was their last time in the famous tent.

Who left Bake Off 2020 last night?

Lottie Bedlow, a pantomime producer from West Sussex, was eliminated from The Great British Bake Off in week seven.

It just wasn't her night after her ice cream cake Showstopper melted in 30 degree heat and disappointed the judges.

The 32-year-old was named Star Baker in Japanese Week but failed to deliver the goods this time around.

Speaking about her time on the show, Lottie said: "Well I think the curse of the Star Baker struck.

"I had run out of oomph by that stage, and I knew it was my time to go. I had packed to go home, and I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to leave in the tent to carry on the baking.

"I had absolutely no idea that I would get that far – I had packed for three episodes, so after week 3 all my clothes were borrowed.

"To get to episode seven was beyond my wildest baking dreams. And I felt that I could walk out of the tent feeling I had achieved more than I thought possible."

What was this week's Bake Off theme?

The theme was of course 80s week.

The bakers had to put their own spin on the classic quiche in the Signature challenge.

In the technical challenge the bakers were asked to follow a recipe for custard doughnuts.

For the Showstopper challenge they had to impress Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with a challenge that tested their ability to stay cool in soaring temperatures with ice cream cakes.

Hermine got Star Baker after impressing the judges in both the Technical and Showstopper challenges.

Who is still on Bake off 2020?

Here's who is still on Bake Off 2020:

  • Dave Friday 
  • Hermine 
  • Laura Adlington
  • Marc Elliott 
  • Peter Sawkins

Who has left Bake Off 2020 so far?

Every week a different baker says goodbye to the famous tent.

Here's who has been asked to leave so far:

  • Week Seven (80s) – Lottie
  • Week Six (Japanese) – Mark L
  • Week Five (Pastry) – Linda
  • Week Four (Chocolate) – Sura
  • Week Three (Bread) – Rowan
  • Week Two (Biscuit) – Makbul 
  • Week One (Cake) – Loriea

When is Bake Off 2020 next on?

The seventh episode of Bake Off will air on November 10, 2020.

Episode eight will be Dessert Week and it will be on Channel 4 at 8pm.

All episodes are available to watch on All 4 after they have aired.

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